Koss ESP950 Electrostatic Stereophone System Headphones

Model: ESP950 UPC: 021299112557 Item: 166250

Product Information

The ESP950 Electrostatic Stereophone System is the pinnacle of audio reproduction. The standard upon which all other electrostatic headphones can be measured. A professional listening system so distortion free, it literally pushes the limits of the world's most sophisticated instruments that attempt to measure its performance. The result is an experience that no other stereo system can approach. A revolutionary design in electrostatic transducers which includes cross matched mechanical damping and semi-conductive coating. The result is an ultra-flat frequency response across the entire range: deep, clean bass with real power that other attempts at electrostatic transducers can only envy. You would expect nothing less from the people who introduced the world to private listening with its first SP3 stereophone in 1958.

The ESP includes the Electrostatic Stereophone, energizer, battery pack, leather carrying case, connecting cables, and 120 VAC adapter. This unit is equipped with soft, vinyl closed ear cushion design for isolation. The Electrostatic Stereophone features pivoting ear cups and adjustable, detachable headband for comfort and convenience. The ESP950 has a straight, dual entry 4 foot cord/6 foot extension.

Built to last, the ESP950 is covered under Koss Limited Lifetime Warranty - the only warranty of its kind in the stereophone industry.


  • Frequency Response 8-35,000 Hz
  • Impedance 100k ohms
  • Sensitivity 104 dB SPL/1mW
  • Distortion <0.01%
  • Cord Straight, Dual Entry, 4ft