Koss CC-01® Stereo Earphones (Red/Gray)

Model: 162933 UPC: 7021299162934 Item: 164357

Product Information

The new Koss CC_01 isolating in-ear monitor is the first stereophone to create a perfect fit with a unique Custom Fit dial. Rotate the crafted knurled knob and the ear cushion expands to provide a custom fit.

Koss in-ear monitors are designed to produce a perfect seal. This seal allows the variable matched transducer to directly couple with the eardrum. This direct response system means greater accuracy and efficiency across the entire frequency response range. No other in-ear monitor provides the ability to dial in comfort or performance. It's an entirely new state of the art in ergonomic and acoustic design.

The transducer in the CC_01 features a custom ported design to enhance frequency response and deliver deep bass frequency. The transducer is specially cross-matched for balance across the entire musical spectrum. The result is an up-front, exacting performance with instruments retaining their size and scale on the musical landscape.

The specially padded cloth covered cord serves as a wrap around for portable digital music players. And when protection is especially desired the CC_01 comes with two separate carrying cases; soft leather for your pocket or pack and a hard travel case for travel.

Built to last, the CC_01 is covered under Koss Limited Lifetime Warranty - the only warranty of its kind in the stereophone industry.

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