Klipsch R-4B Reference 2-Way Soundbar With 6.5" Wireless Subwoofer

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R-4B Reference 2-Way Soundbar With 6.5" Wireless Subwoofer
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Product Information

R-4B Highlights

  • Two-channel sound bar with four built-in speakers
  • Patented Tractrix Horns creates wide sound dispersion
  • USB input for connecting a thumb drive
  • Built-in Bluetooth for wireless music streaming from compatible devices
  • Dolby Digital decoding creates theater quality sound
  • Virtual surround sound mode for a more immersive listening experience
  • Dimensions – Height: 3 ½ inches, Width: 40 inches, Depth: 3  3/8  inches
  • Weight – 5.8 pounds
  • Warranty: 3 years for drivers and cabinets, 1 year for electronics
  • World Wide Stereo 60-day guarantee and expert product support

Home Theater Made Simple

If you’re still using your flat panel TV’s built-in speakers, you’re probably sick and tired of watching crystal-clear picture quality while listening to crummy sound. Those tiny speakers can’t replicate dialogue clearly, and you can forget all about vibrant, earthquake-shattering sound—the riveting explosion, the gun fire or car crash—from your favorite action movie. 

That’s where the Klipsch R4B soundbar comes into play, a perfect upgrade to your TV’s default speakers. A TV without a soundbar is Die Hard without the explosions, Bond without the bullets, and Captain America without his indestructible shield. If you’re looking for a high-quality soundbar with sonic performance but don’t want to pay an arm and a leg, you’ve found it with the Klipsch R-4B Reference 2-Way Soundbar, complete with a 6.5" Wireless Subwoofer.

Why Do I Need a Soundbar?

If you want crisp sound that’s both loud and clear from your TV, a home theater receiver or surround sound system setup is quite an investment in terms of price, and that doesn’t include additional costs of an AV receiver and speaker wire. Both are also cumbersome and take up too much space. Meanwhile, we all don’t have room for large, floor-standing speakers. An all-in-one speaker like a soundbar is much more economical, as well as less complex, and takes up minimal space. You don’t need a lot of square footage to fit it under your TV, whether that’s placed on a mantle or on a stand or cabinet. Only a Klipsch Reference soundbar can bring you this level of quality.

Elevate Your Living Room

The Klipsch R-4B soundbar might be entry-level, but its combination of convenience, great sound, stylish cabinetry and an affordable price is not. From plug n’ play audio for minimal setup to instant streaming using Bluetooth, and from deep, guttural bass to a simple, lightweight but strong design, the R-4B will instantly enhance your TV listening experience and transform your home theater system. And, at a price tag of $400, it can’t be beat.

What You Get

The Klipsch R-4B is a 2.1 channel soundbar with a 6.5 inch wireless subwoofer. The system is primarily designed to hook up to your TV via an optical, digital connectivity cable or for listening to your music streamed over Bluetooth from your computer, smartphone, tablet or other device.

What is a Tractrix Horn?

This two-way soundbar uses two .25-inch horn-loaded soft dome tweeters that are enhanced by “Tractrix” horns, which are exclusive to Klipsch. There are also two 2.5 inch fiber composite woofers. That sure is a lot of technical jargon, huh? Well, here’s what all of this means. The tweeters allow for crisp highs, as well as delivering detail and nuance. The horns are for sound quality, ensuring that every seat in your room is the best seat in your room.  With the woofers, dialogue and voice are more enhanced, and movie or TV soundtracks are more dynamic.

Deep Bass You Can Feel

The included subwoofer gives you good low frequency extension for commanding, clear bass. It sounds great at any volume, but what’s impressive is that, at its loudest, there’s no distortion. The sub is also down-firing, which means that the driver is mounted on the bottom of the cabinet. This delivers bass more evenly throughout your room, and is ideal for corner or side-wall placement. The slot-port design minimizes port turbulence and noise for cleaner bass. A soundbar with a subwoofer isn’t a necessity. But the low humming of a space craft in a sci-fi film will fill your room with clear, crisp and heart-pounding bass, giving the illusion of being right there on the ship.

Dolby Digital Sound 

The Klipsch R-4B soundbar has a built-in Dolby Digital Decoder for more precise placement of sound effects and to better “anchor” an actor’s voice or dialogue to the TV screen. The result is detailed, high-output sound no matter what format of sound is emanating from the TV output.  There are also three audio sound settings to cater to your listening experience:

  • The Virtual Surround Mode has optimized surround sound.
  • Voice Enhanced Mode increases the dialogue’s volume for clarity without boosting ambient sounds.
  • Night Mode is for quieter listening at night that reduces volume peaks on your favorite TV show or movie. This way, you don’t have to worry about waking up your spouse or children.

Go Wireless

The subwoofers that come with soundbars mostly function wirelessly, which is to say that they receive their audio signal without connecting any cables between the soundbar and the sub. The R-4B sub does just that, keeping clutter to a minimum with its wireless subwoofer that eliminates having to run a subwoofer cable.

Best in Class Design

While other soundbars might provide decent sound, there's rarely a premium placed on visual design. The result is a soundbar that blocks a portion of the bottom part of your TV’s screen, or blocks its infrared sensor, making your remote control useless.  Because the R-4B is short, standing at only 3.5 inches high, there’s no blockage, and it can fit comfortably under most TVs.

Easy Set Up

There’s an optical digital, stereo analog, and USB input, as well as Bluetooth. Every HDTV and 4K TV has an optical digital output, and so does nearly every sound bar. The Klipsch soundbar allows for plug n play simplicity. All you need to do is to plug in the digital optical cable (included) into the digital TV output and then into the soundbar. Because the sub is wireless, you don’t have to plug it into the soundbar. 

Endless Bluetooth Streaming

Streaming music is also easy - this Klipsch soundbar works with music stored on your Bluetooth-enabled device or music streamed with a music app such as Spotify.  Just switch the soundbar to Bluetooth and make sure your tablet, smartphone, computer, or other audio device is Bluetooth ready.


Klipsch R-4B Reference 2-Way Soundbar Specifications:

  • SPEAKER SYSTEM: 2-Way Soundbar with Wireless 6.5” Subwoofer
  • HIGH FREQUENCY DRIVER: 2 x .75" Soft dome tweeters mated to 90 x 90 Tractrix horns
  • MIDRANGE: 2 X 2.5" Fiber composite cone woofers
  • SUBWOOFER: 6.5" Down firing Fiber composite cone
    • Optical
    • Stereo Analog
    • Bluetooth
    • USB Type A
  • BAR DIMENSIONS: 40" (1016mm) W x 3.375" (85.7mm) D x 3.5" (88.9mm) H
  • BAR WEIGHT: 5.8 lbs (2.6kg)
  • BAR FINISH: Satin black
  • SUB DIMENSIONS: 6.3" (160mm) W x 14.17" (360mm) D x 10.4"(255mm) H (including feet)
  • SUB FINISH: Wood/brushed black vinyl
    • Wall Mounting Template
    • Remote Control
    • Optical Cable (1.8m)
    • Owner’s Manual
  • BUILT FROM: 2015