Klipsch R-115SW 800W Powered 15" Subwoofer

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Klipsch Brings the Bass, Every Time

Shake the entire house with the power of Klipsch's R-115SW subwoofer. This subwoofer boasts 800 watts of dynamic power, which is the perfect amount of punchy bass for home theaters and listening to music. With a built-in digital amplifier, it makes the setup and control even easier. Plus, this subwoofer is wireless-optional with the purchase of Klipsch's WA-2 wireless kit.

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R-115SW 800W Powered 15" Subwoofer
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Product Information

R-115SW Highlights

  • Powerful Klipsch digital amplifier with 800W of power
  • Strong, lightweight cerametallic woofer creates accurate sound
  • Establish your ideal level of base with variable phase control
  • Modern aesthetic and durability that will fit your decor
  • Compatible with WA-2 Wireless Subwoofer Kit for true wireless sound
  • Durable MDF cabinet finished with brushed black polymer veneer
  • Dimensions: 21.5 inches height, 19.5 inches width, 22.3 inches depth
  • Weight: 75.4 lbs
  • Warranty:  5 year warranty 
  • Included: World Wide Stereo 60-day guarantee and expert product support

The "Oomph" in Your Sound System

No music listening or movie watching experience is complete without the deep bass that a subwoofer can give you. A subwoofer can turn your home theater into a movie theater. It turns listening to recorded music into a live experience.

Front Slot Ports

The forward facing slot port below the main woofer makes the sub easier to position in your room and also helps brace the cabinet, minimizing turbulence. The result is cleaner, richer sound. The fact that the port is in the front eliminates unwanted “boominess” that can result from sound reverberating off walls and floors.

Go Wireless

The Klipsch R-115SW will dramatically enhance the overall sound of your home theater system, allowing it to rock harder, and improving depth and spaciousness to make you feel as if you’re in a concert hall or movie theater rather than in your living room or man cave.  With its copper colored driver and black cabinet that will blend in with your existing home theater system and speakers, this sub also looks great.  

Feel It, Don’t Just Hear It 

The Kilpsch R-115SW has a 15-inch woofer, an amp rated at 800 watts of continuous power, and a price point more affordable than comparable subs in this class. 

Mediocre subs sound boomy, sloppy and thin. With the Klipsch R-115SW, you’ll hear clean, clear, and more lifelike sound and accurate performance at the lowest levels you’re capable of hearing. Just think of a plane passing overhead before exploding in a pent-up, steroid-infused, big-budget action blockbuster. With the Klipsch sub in your family room or man cave, you’ll hear the high-decibel, low-frequency rumbles, the engine noise of the plane, then the kaboom of the explosion. You’ll be transported to the movie theater. This sub is so powerful that it’ll feel as if you’re right under the plane, on the ground, frantically running for cover to avoid the explosion. This is bass at its best. The rumble, the explosion, and the deep sound become a physical experience. 

A Powerful Amplifier 

Digital amps allow for direct signal paths that eliminate unwanted noise in the sound that’s coming through. The amp is also more efficient, able to use the full available wattage. The Klipsch Reference R-115SW 15" Subwoofer has a BASH Digital Hybrid built-in amplifier with a high-output of 400 watts for powerful, hard-hitting bass that delivers highly accurate and enhanced sound reproduction. 

Expansive Frequency Response

At the low end, sound waves from an explosion in an action movie travel at around 30Hz to 20Hz. A sub should be able to handle a low frequency of 40Hz. The R-115SW frequency response, between 18Hz-125Hz +/-3dB, is expansive. The fact the frequency response tapers off at a window-rattling 18Hz is truly impressive, low enough to appease even the most finicky audiophile. What you get, in essence, is undistorted bass without unwanted rumbling.

A Driver for Lifelike Sound

This sub has a 15 inch spun copper front-firing cerametallic driver (a proprietary mix of ceramic and aluminum), which allows for quick, precise movement for deep, clear bass. The driver is incredibly light in construction yet rigid enough to provide enhanced low frequency response and tight bass reproduction. This type of construction makes it possible to play the subwoofer at loud volumes with minimal cone breakup and distortion for realistic depth.

Clean Bass

The ceramic-coated aluminum cone, like the driver, is extremely rigid. It also helps to dampen unwanted vibrations, making the bass low in distortion and clean.  

Front-Firing Sub

The sub is front-firing, with the woofers on the sides. This placement pushes the bass waves directly towards you, leading to a better feel of the sound. The design also allows for placement flexibility. 

Easy System Integration

Back-panel, low pass crossover and phase control settings allow you to blend the subwoofer’s low-frequency tones with other speakers in your room.  They also enable you to get just the right level of bass to your liking. On the rear panel, a DIP switch lets you chose between 120V and 240V. 

A Cabinet That Minimizes Vibrations

The material of a cabinet has a major effect on a subwoofer’s sound. This cabinet is constructed of thick, durable multi-layered MDF, or multi-density fiberboard, for minimum vibration. The material makes the cabinet a very solid and tight construction. Because the MDF is so dense, sound is kept inside the cabinet and can’t escape. The finish is brushed black polymer veneer and satin painted MDF plinth that will seamlessly blend with your existing system and other speakers. 

Sound From a Top-Notch Series 

The Klipsch R-115SW is part of the brand’s “Reference” series, groundbreaking high-performance audio products designed with the serious audiophile in mind. The Reference subs also include two other models with smaller woofers, the R-112SW, a 12 inch model, and the R-110SW, a 10 inch model. These subs are light and rigid, with a satin painted MDF plinth and removable cloth woven grilles. They come with spun copper front-firing cerametallic woofers, all-digital amplifiers and are all compatible with the Klipsch WA-2 wireless subwoofer kit for true wireless connection. 



  • FREQUENCY RESPONSE: 18Hz-125Hz +/-3dB
  • AMPLIFIER: All digital
  • AMPLIFIER POWER: 400W / 800W
  • DRIVE COMPONENTS: 15" (38.1 cm) long-throw copper spun cerametallic, front-firing woofer
  • ENCLOSURE TYPE: Bass Reflex
  • INPUTS: L/R line-level/LFE RCA jacks, Wireless WA-2 Port
  • HEIGHT: 21.5" / 54.61 cm
  • WIDTH: 19.5" / 49.53 cm
  • DEPTH: 22.3" / 56.64 cm
  • WEIGHT: 75.4 lbs / 34.2 kg
  • FINISH: Brushed Black Polymer Veneer
  • FEATURES: Gain, Lowpass, Phase, Auto Power
  • PHASE: Switchable 0-180 degrees
  • BUILT FROM: 2014




Customer Reviews for Klipsch R-115SW 800W Powered 15" Subwoofer

4.8 / 5.0
17 Reviews
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1 Star
Bass sound is exceptional
I have Klipsch RF82 mains, RC62 center, RS62 surrounds, RS52 rear surrounds & a 12' Cerwin Vega sub. What a difference this 15" bad boy makes. The bass sounds totally different than what my system sounded like with the Cerwin Vega. Not an overwhelming bass when listening to music ( but much better sounding, not sure how to explain but the sound of the bass now is no comparision to the Vega, not even a contest.) When watching DTS movies, WOW! Very happy with this sub.
November 9, 2014
Originally posted at
Better than SVS
I was looking for a sub to replace my klipsch rw12d and all I hear about is svs this and svs that. So I decided to try svs in my home theater. To say the least I was very unhappy. I actually ended up trying 3 different svs sub, the pc2000, pb2000 then went to the big boy the ultra 13. My old rw12d actually had more bass and less distortion than the svs subs. So after making the 2 hours round trip 3 times to nebraska furniture mart, I seen they had this beastly 15 inch klipsch on sale and figured ...why not, I've been happy with my other 4 klipsch subs. So after getting this bug boy set up I realized very quickly this was the right choice. Prior to this I was running 3 subs in my theater room. 1 rw12d and two sw10s and this r115sw was able to replace all three. This sub has absolutely chest crushing spl and the depth and subsonic frequency is amazing. Thus sub hits the subsonic range with a Mike Tyson knockout punch. The subwoofer is also very tight and seems to never get sloppy nor does it seem to run out of power. For me and my room this sub wipes the floor with svs! I listen 75% music to only about 25%movie so any decent sub makes bass on the .1 channel but to get a sub that sounds so amazing in 2 channel as well seems to be rare.
August 29, 2016
Originally posted at
Sub Fest
I have an old set of Heresys I bought in the late '70's with a M&K 300 watt sub. After replacing my second speaker in the M&K, I looked into the Klipch line of subs. After a few Ginger Ales, I bought one.....Woke up my whole system! So I bought another! Stereo Bass!!! I have been looking for concert hall sound my whole life, I got it now!! My upstairs is self dusting , just open the windows!, Rock On!!
March 5, 2015
Originally posted at
This thing is huge! I found a new one for roughly half price (a failed delivery was returned and the box was 'damaged'...I could not find any damage). My wife was not thrilled when FedEx delivered such a huge box...but I was! Now I have to rattle proof everything again since this beast's output is so spectacular. I have to rattle proof things on the other end of the house too, and I have the gain set to less than half! It makes my living room windows flex and rattle enough that I am concerned it may break the old things out. It has also been knocking things off the shelves in the bathroom on the opposite side of the house. Highly recommend!!!!
February 13, 2015
Originally posted at
Talk about the Earth moving!!!
I bought my first R-115SW a few weeks ago. WOW what a sub!!! Took a little time to get it set correctly, volume and placement. Quick sidetone: My "theater" is in a unfinished basement with no walls or drop ceiling, just a big open space with a screen and 9 klipsch speakers. That being said this sub produces great movie explosions and earth shaking rocket launches. The sound is clear and deep. Being a lover of bass, I decided to add a SECOND R-115SW to my little setup. OMG!!! One more time in case I wasn't clear - OMG!!! Things 2 floors up were rattling according to my wife. Sitting in front of these monsters will literally move your hair, they pump so much sound and air. Not sure what else to say about this sub other then, buy one or two, you won't regret it, but your wife might....
August 30, 2015
Originally posted at
Quite a difference
For years I wanted to replace my inexpensive setup with something nicer. I enjoy watching movies and listening to music (I wouldn't call myself an "audiophile" though). I purchased two of these along with a pair of RF 280's (Klipsch floorstanding speakers). The reason I purchased 2 is because the system I replaced had one 12" sub, and I found when I had one sub, it was somewhat apparent where the bass was coming from (vs. just being there and not obviously coming from the sub on the other side of the room) and I wanted good performance. Based really just on research (I never had 2 subs in my living room) I decided to get two to improve performance and allow the subs to disappear a bit more and produce good bass around the room. I'm glad I got 2 because all those things turned out to be true.

These subs really perform well, too. The cheap 12" sub that I replaced could get fairly loud (nowhere near these, though), but it always seemed just boomy and muddled. When listening to music, bass guitars had more of a moaning quality and the sound of a bass drum was never really tight. When listening to movies, explosions or anything else that would come through a subwoofer were always just boomy and undefined. These subs sound much better. They are not boomy. When they need to have a punch (bass drum, explosion), they really can punch. And for music, bass instruments have clear definition. And the volume stays consistent throughout the range the sub plays at. With my old sub, the volume would go up or down as the tone would change (midbass would resonate, really low bass would disappear, and upper bass was poor too).

These subs look really nice too. The cabinets have an interesting brushed finish and they have a timeless look. There are no odd features that will look dated in a few years and they blend in well with any environment. They are big, but they seem to be appropriately sized for a 15 inch sub.
February 21, 2016
Originally posted at
Unbelievable power
Unbelievable power to these subs, was listening to music theu the bluetooth on my reciever & niehbor who's house is 25' away from mine came over & said i was shaking his house. Like i said unbelievable power, while at same time having clear lows that you can feel in your chest, even at lower levels. Have dual 15" 800watt klipsch subs with my klipsch speakers. Best speakers by far i have ever heard.
October 28, 2016
Originally posted at
This thing is BA
I put this in my basement theater and it is amazing. It pounds! I am saving my money right now to buy a second one just so the front of my system looks symmetric, but it dense need any help on its own. It truly brings the movie to life.
May 10, 2016
Originally posted at
Excellent Sub!
This is an excellent subwoofer! I've watched a few movies in the few weeks I've had this woofer. During "The Force Awakens" there are bass notes that are so low in frequency that I don't actually hear them, I feel them! I felt my theater seating move and I realized it was output from the sub!

The auto turn on feature is not functioning. I don't believe it's an issue with the sub. I'm going to hook up the unit with a "Y" adapter and see if that solves the issue.
June 11, 2016
Originally posted at
Wonderful product, deep powerful base, great value
Love this subwoofer, very good performance at this price point. I also own different subs that are the twice the money, but are not out performing this 15 inch beast.

The finish and the knobs of the amp feels a bit cheap, but aside that build is very good.
October 11, 2016
Originally posted at


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