Klipsch Mounting Bracket for Speaker

Model: 1001179 UPC: 743878017229 Item: 143608

Product Information

Klipsch Mounting Bracket for Speaker

This revolutionary Klipsch Mounting Bracket kit design incorporates a mud ring, breakaway wire tie and color-coded brackets for easy speaker size identification. A flat side with a raised wall allows it to be mounted directly to a joist, making it much easier to align the speakers with other items in the ceiling.

The Klipsch Mounting Bracket kit also comes with perforated metal wings that easily fasten to the studs via screws, staples or nails. Ribbed for increased rigidity, these wings enable a kit to span up to 24 inches easily. Painted white for easy marking and placement, these metal wings will fold around the edge of the studs if necessary.

*This kit is NOT plenum rated.