Kicker KMTES 6"/6.5" Marine Speaker Enclosures - Pair (White)

Model: 12KMTESW UPC: 713034075837 Item: 165818

Product Information

Mounting powerful 6½-inch KICKER speakers for external listening in marine and powersport applications just got easier with KICKER's durable and weather-proof KM-Series Tower-Speaker Empty Enclosures.


Kicker KMTES Marine Speaker Enclosures Features:


  • With its bold cosmetics, the black-textured KM enclosures with contrasting accent details complement KICKER's 6.5-inch coaxial marine speakers.

It Fits!

  • Includes polyfill, mounting hardware, aluminum tower-pipe clamps (2-5/8-inch), and three sizes of mounting adapters for the most popular pipe diameters (2-1/4, 2-3/8, 2-1/2). KICKER also offers the KMTAP Tower Enclosure Adapter Pack (sold separately) for fitting several other pipe sizes.


Kicker KMTES Marine Speaker Enclosures Specifications:

  • Speaker Fitting: 6.5" Speakers
  • Materials: Tough ABS, weather-proof empty enclosures with slotted mounting holes for different bolt patterns
  • Aiming: Nine-degree axis rotation in either direction for aiming maximum sound quality
  • Fits Mounting Tube Sizes: 2-1/4, 2-3/8, 2-1/2, 2-5/8
  • Connectors: Satin nickel plated brass binding posts (screw to tighten style)
  • Includes: Mounting hardware and polyfill
  • KMTAP adapter pack (sold separately): Fits additional pipe diameters