Kenwood eXcelon XR900-5 Car Amplifier - 4 x 60 W @ 4 Ohm, 1 x 400 W @ 4 Ohm - 4 x 75 W @ 2 Ohm, 1 x 600 W @ 2 Ohm - 5 Channel - Class D

Model: XR900-5 UPC: 019048203151 Item: 155813

Product Information

A new five-channel power amplifier is the XR900-5, which offers a single-chassis system solution with exceptional performance. The XR900-5 delivers 75 watts x 4 for full-range applications and 600 watts x 1 for driving a subwoofer system.  Variable high-pass and low-pass filtering provides just the right frequencies to drive the highest quality component loudspeakers, and an adjustable 40Hz bass boost delivers additional thunder when needed. 

This amplifier was designed for the highest efficiency of space. This was made possible by reducing the footprint of the power supply by 40% compared to a conventional class AB design, made possible in part by the use of lower-profile power supply capacitors reduced height by 33%. Angling the internal heat sink by 45-degrees reduces height by 25% without sacrificing any heat dissipation. Moving the wiring connector strip to the inside of the amplifier and accessing all wiring connections through a removable panel on top of the amplifier reduces size, protects all connections from damage and results in a clean, professional installation. The choice of low tolerance, high quality components results in an extremely accurate, clean sound quality that becomes audible through the use of the highest quality loudspeakers.