JL Audio XD-FDBU-2 2-Way Fused Power Distribution Block

Model: 90461 UPC: 699440904612 Item: 156067

So you need to cut down a thicker-gauge wire and distribute it to two different amplifier, huh? Enter the JL Audio XDFDBU2 2-way MAXI™ fused distribution block. On the input side, the block will accept anywhere from 4 AWG to 1/0 AWG wire. On the output side, the connections will accept anywhere from 8 AWG to 4 AWG wire. Fuses are sold separately and should reflect the amplifiers requirements.

JL Audio XD-FDBU-2 Features:

  •  A 2-way MAXI™ fused distribution block
  • Input that accepts 4 AWG up to 1/0 AWG wiring
  • Outputs (2) that  accept 8 AWG to 4 AWG wiring
  • Fuses that are sold separately

Product Information

Designed to split a large wire down to two smaller wires where fusing of the small wires is needed. The input of this block accepts wire from 1/0 to 4 AWG, while the two fused outputs each accept wire from 4 AWG to 8 AWG. OmniSertTM receptacles capture various size wires without the need for adaptor sleeves.

Forged and machined brass construction with marine-grade stannum plating. A high-temperature polycarbonate base and cover provide insulation and protection.

Requires two MAXI Fuses, appropriately rated for the equipment being connected. These are sold separately. Fuses can be pulled and inserted without removing the cover.