JL Audio XB-MFBU-ANL Fuse Block for 4 AWG - 1/0 AWG Wire

Model: 91656 UPC: 699440916561 Item: 156059

JL Audio offers the XB-MFBU-ANL ANL fuse holder as a solution to systems that feature high-current, high-performance amplifiers. One of the best things about this fuse holder is its compact design which allows it to mount in a variety of locations under the hood. Pop in a JL Audio ANL fuse (sold separately) and consider your gear (and your car) protected. Works with 1/0 AWG down to 4AWG wiring.

JL Audio XB-MFBU-ANL Features:

  • Water-resistant ANL fuse holder
  • Accepts 4 AWG up to 1/0 AWG wiring
  • Rotate the wire entry ends to manage wire runs efficiently
  • Fuse sold separately

Product Information

This amazingly flexible Master Fuse Block is easy to install and is designed to protect larger power wires that feed multiple amplifiers or an entire system.

Each wire connection block is capable of rotating to five different wire-entry angles, giving you maximum power wire routing flexibility. This really comes in handy when working with larger power wires, which can be tricky to manage in a crowded engine or battery compartment.

OmniSertTM captured-wire receptacles accept various size wires from 4 AWG to 1/0 AWG, without the need for adaptor sleeves.

Forged and machined brass construction with marine-grade stannum plating. A high-temperature polycarbonate base and cover provide insulation and protection.

Requires one ANL Blade Fuse, appropriately rated for the equipment being connected. These are sold separately. Cover must be removed (no tools required), and a flat-blade screwdriver (or large coin) must be used to pull or insert the fuse.