JL Audio HD-RLC Remote level controller for HD Series amplifiers

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Designed to work with XD-, HD-, M-, and MHD-series amplifiers, the JL Audio HD-RLC remote bass control knob allows you to quickly change the volume of a subwoofer tied into one of the aforementioned amplifiers just by twisting the knob. The HD-RLC comes with an 18-foot cable so that you can mount the knob in a convenient (or discreet) location of your choosing.

JL Audio HD-RLC Features:

  • Remote level control for HD, XD, MHD, M amplifiers
  • Satin black knob with 18-foot cable
  • Design for convenient or discreet mounting locations
  • Mounting hardware included

Product Information

Crossover Filters (High or Low-Pass):
Fully Variable Cutoff Frequency Selection: 50-500 Hz
Detented and Calibrated Potentiometers 
Variable Slope: 12dB/oct. Butterworth or 24dB/oct. Linkwitz-Riley
Preamp Outputs
Buffered, pass-through type
Assignable input source on HD600/4 ("front" or "front + rear" summed)
Infrasonic Filter (HD750/1 only)
24dB/oct. at 30 Hz, defeatable.
Helps protect ported subwoofer systems from overexcursion caused by low frequencies below port tuning.
Output Polarity Switch (HD750/1 only)
0 or 180 deg.
Helps quickly tune subwoofer to midbass speaker transition for optimal impact and coherence.
Security Cover for Controls
A cast aluminum alloy security cover is included to keep unauthorized fingers away from your critical system settings.
Remote Level Control
Requires HD-RLC controller (sold separately).
Assignable channels on HD600/4 (rear only or all channels)
Multiple amplifiers can be controlled with one controller by adding standard phone cable splitter (not included). 
This is a true level control, not a "bass boost", and can be used as a subwoofer level control or as a full-range volume control, if desired. 
Please note that the RBC-1 controller will NOT work with HD amplifiers... you must use the HD-RLC controller.