JBL Live Free 2 True Wireless Noise Cancelling Earbuds

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Product Information

Listen and be heard. All day, everywhere.

Stay in the groove all day long with stylish companions for work and play. JBL Live Free 2 earbuds deliver up to 35 hours of incredible JBL Signature Sound (with 7 hours in the earbuds + 28 hours in the case), speed charging, and Qi-compatible wireless charging for when your batteries need a boost. True Adaptive Noise Cancelling eliminates distractions to give you totally immersive audio, while Smart Ambient keeps you alert to your surroundings. Oval tubes and a slim, pill shape design provide a perfectly snug fit, even for smaller ears—ensuring better isolation from noise and enhanced audio quality. Got something to say? Make clear, perfect calls with six beamforming mics or access your preferred voice assistant for seamless, hands-free control and connection wherever life's adventures take you.


  • JBL Signature Sound
  • True Adaptive Noise Cancelling with Smart Ambient
  • 35 (7+28) hours of playback with wireless charging
  • 6 mics for perfect calls with zero noise
  • Oval Tubes for better comfort, isolation, and bass
  • Dual Connect & Sync with multi-point connection
  • Touch & voice control
  • IPX5 waterproof
  • JBL Headphones App

JBL Signature Sound

Nothing beats incredibly clear music and calls from 11mm dynamic drivers powered by JBL Signature Sound.

True Adaptive Noise Cancelling with Smart Ambient

True Adaptive Noise Cancelling automatically adjusts to your surroundings, eliminating distractions for better sound wherever you are. Or use Smart Ambient when you need to focus on your environment, all without removing your earbuds. 

35 (7+28) hours of playback with wireless charging

Never miss a moment with 35 hours of Qi-compatible battery life (including 7 hours in the earbuds + 28 hours in the case). Need a boost? Just 15 minutes of Speed Charge gives you another four hours of playtime—fast.

6 mics for perfect calls with zero noise

Six beamforming microphones reduce wind and noise interference so your words always come through loud and clear. And with VoiceAware, you can choose how much of your own voice to hear by controlling the amount of mic input routed back into your earbuds.

Oval Tubes for better comfort, isolation, and bass 

Better shape, better sound. That's why JBL designed these headphones with oval tubes, oval silicone tips, and a slim pill shape design for a perfectly snug fit, even for smaller ears—ensuring better noise cancellation and enhanced audio quality.

Dual Connect & Sync with multi-point connection

Phone call in the middle of your favorite show? No problem. With a multipoint connection, you can quickly and easily switch your headphone input from one Bluetooth device to another. You'll also enjoy quick, effortless pairing with any Android device as you shift between mono and stereo and your left, right, or both earbuds.

Touch & voice control

Activate the JBL Live Free 2's features with the ease of touch control. Or simply speak up to activate your Hey Google (*) or Alexa (**).

(*) Only supported on Android (**) Android 6.0 or higher is required for full access to Alexa features when using this device.

IPX5 waterproof

Whether you're hitting the gym or caught in the rain, you won't have to worry. IPX5 certification means JBL Live Free 2 headphones are waterproof.

JBL Headphones App

The dedicated app lets you select listening modes, adjust ANC or smart ambient levels, customize controls, and maximize comfort and audio quality—so you can always listen your way. You can also optimize the EQ curve while voice prompts in your own language help you to navigate through the features.



  • Driver size: 11mm/0.4" Dynamic Driver
  • Power supply: 5V 1A
  • Earbud: 4.9g per pc (9.8g combined)/0.01 lbs per pc (0.02 lbs combined)
  • Charging case: 43.7g/0.094 lbs
  • Earbud battery type: Lithium-ion Battery (45mAh/3.85V)
  • Charging case battery type: Lithium-ion Battery (620mAh/3.8V)
  • Charging time: 2 hrs from empty
  • Wireless charging time: 4 hrs from empty
  • Music playtime with BT on and ANC off: Up to 7 hrs
  • Music playtime with BT on and ANC on: Up to 6 hrs
  • Music playtime with BT on and True Adaptive ANC on: Up to 5 hrs
  • Frequency response: 20Hz – 20kHz
  • Impedance: 32 ohm
  • Sensitivity: 102dB SPL@1kHz
  • Maximum SPL: 94dB
  • Microphone sensitivity: -38dBV/Pa@1kHz
  • Number of microphones: 6
  • Bluetooth version: 5.2
  • Bluetooth profile version: A2DP V1.3, AVRCP V1.6, HFP V1.8
  • Bluetooth transmitter frequency range: 2.4GHz – 2.4835GHz
  • Bluetooth transmitter power: <9dBm EIRP
  • Bluetooth transmitter modulation: GFSK, π/4 QPSK, 8DPSK
  • Maximum operation temperature: 45°C

What's in the Box

What's in the Box

  • JBL Live Free 2 earbuds
  • 3 sizes of ear tips
  • Type-C USB charging cable
  • Charging case
  • Warranty/Warning 
  • Product QSG/Safety Sheet 


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Customer Reviews for JBL Live Free 2 True Wireless Noise Cancelling Earbuds

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Rated 3 out of 5
A couple of touch-ups are needed in the future
While this is a great product mainly for dance-oriented music using the "Club" Equalizer in the JBL Headphones App, you almost ALWAYS have to fiddle around with the preset equalizer settings by selecting one of the approximate 7 presets depending on what kind of music you are listening to. Furthermore, the Ambient Noise Cancellation feature doesn't always work unless you have a good ear seal. A couple of ear hooks would be nice, but in future generations, I would prefer a tighter ear canal seal so this way you wouldn't have to fiddle too much with the JBL Headphones app. There's still much work for Harman to do. :/
December 31, 2022
Originally posted at
Rated 4 out of 5
JBL Live Free 2 TWS
The JBL Live Free 2 TWS are nice! They fit in my ear perfectly! The noise cancellation is excellent. I was able to customize the earbuds with the JBL app for the sound that's for me. I love that's it waterproof so it doesn't get damaged from me sweating. The touch and voice commands took me a bit to get. But they work fine. The only issue I have is when I'm on a call the caller sounds very low. Hard to hear.
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July 1, 2022
Originally posted at
Rated 5 out of 5
JBL LIVE Free2 TWS earphone review
Over the last 2 weeks or so, I have used the JBL LIVE Free2 TWS earphones every day sitting around relaxing, out on walks, working around the house and even mowing the grass. First off, these are great-looking headphones – they remind me of shiny jelly beans! The case is easy to carry around and supports wireless charging. When I first opened the box the case showed two bars so I plugged them in using the USB-C cable and charging completed in about 30 minutes. With wireless charging, it takes about 4 hours from empty to full charge, twice as long as charging with a cable. The battery life of the LIVE Free2’s is very good getting between 5.5 to 6 hours of continuous playback medium volume.

The earphones have LEDs to indicate charging and connection status. The power connection pins in the case are magnetic and hold the earphones well. The LIVE Free2’s come with three pairs of ear tips for the best fit. As I said, I use earphones frequently while working around the house and yard, but my ears are small so finding earphones with a comfortable challenging. To aid with that, the JBL Live Free 2’s design adopts an oval shape and feel light while in my ears. There was no pressure so I did not feel any pain in your ears even after wearing them for a long time.

The JBL Live Free 2 supports multi-point connectivity that allows you to stay connected to two devices at the same time. For example, if you connect to a work smartphone and and a private smartphones at the same time, you can receive a call on the work phone and still listening to music on the private phone. When you answer the phone, the music stops automatically, and when you hang up the phone, the music starts again automatically. The earphones can each be used independently for single-ear use. Controlling the earphones involves tapping of the left or right earphone. The buttons don’t have tactile feedback, but there is a pleasant beep and a voice announcement of each function as it is being selected.

The listening experience was excellent from a variety of streaming services such as YouTube, Spotify and Audible. I used several playlists that ranged from classical, jazz, classic rock to spoken voice. Selections included Chopin, Mozart, Miles Davis, Led Zepplin, Allman Brothers, Pink Floyd and sundry podcasts just to name a few. The LIVE Free2’s provided a good balance between mid and low frequencies. The bass is solid and powerful while the highs were smooth and airy.

JBL’s Live Free 2 earphones also feature Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) technology. The technology listens to ambient noise and produces an opposing soundwave. This noticeably reduces the extraneous sounds the wearer hears. For example, with ANC turned on, I could not hear my ceiling fan running on high even without music playing. Mowing the grass with the ANC active greatly reduced the sound of mower’s engine. The LIVE Free2’s also have “Ambient Aware” and “Talkthrough” features. Ambient Aware lets you hear ambient sounds while leaving the volume of the playback levels as is. The Talkthrough feature is a conversation-oriented function where playback levels are decreased by about 20% and speech is amplified. Usually, I remove my earphones when I’m talking to someone, but with the Talkthrough feature, there’s no need.

For me, the JBL Live Free 2 wireless earphones are an excellent choice that provide very good sound quality, call quality, and ANC performance.
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June 25, 2022
Originally posted at
Rated 5 out of 5
Amazing set of ear buds!
I had the opportunity to put these buds to the test. Once removed from the package I placed them into the case which activated the buds. From there I was able to pair and then download the JBL headphone app. Initial impressions were that these sound superb. Perfect fit and very balanced sound. In the app your able to tweak the sound to your liking as well as adjust the noise canceling and talk through features. These headphones also test for proper fitment to give the best listening experience. You can select your favorite assistant from Google, Alexa, and Siri. The buds themselves are touch sensitive. Within the app you can select what each bud will do when you touch them.
This past weekend I decided to put these to a full test while detailing my car on a windy day. I had noise canceling on and the volume all the way up. I was playing an album with mixed tracks. After a little over two hours the battery life dropped to 20 percent from fully charged. I was constantly moving and never really felt that the buds would fall out. I did have to readjust them every once in a while to squeeze them tightly into my ear canal. I didn’t get any interference from the 20mph winds or hear the buffer over my music. I experienced non stop interference free listening. I truly enjoyed listening to these and was so happy to have had them while working. After a while I forgot they were in my ears since they were so comfortable. I did adjust the sound more to my liking and was so pleased with the sound. Distortion free at full volume. I had taken a break for about 30 minutes and placed the buds back into the case. Fully charged and ready for a few more hours of hardcore listening.
The Live Free 2 TWS have 11mm drivers making the sound very full and lively. The active noise canceling keeps unwanted sound out and the adjustable talk through feature allows the right amount of sound through the buds. Phone calls sound super clear on both ends. The water resistant feature means I can wash and detail cars with these on. You can get 7 hours play time at moderate volume and another 28 hours utilizing the case for a total of 35 hours of play time. The buds are comfortable having oval tubes allowing less fatigue while having them in my ears. These are my go to buds for everyday listening. Ear buds have come a long way over the years and I was a fan of over the ear style headphones previously. These buds offer better sound and immersion than all of my over the ear headphones. Better features and they don’t compress or weigh down on my head. I am truly enjoying these ear buds. These are great!!!
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June 22, 2022
Originally posted at
Rated 5 out of 5
My favorite buds ever - they rock!!
I am overly impressed with these new ear buds!! I've had them for approximately two weeks and they have been fantastic. The noise canceling on these are equal if not better than my over the ear headphones, even when mowing my yard. They have all day comfort while wearing them in my office. The sound (like all JBL products) is incredible with crystal clear highs and impressive bass. And the power usage is unbelievable. With a fully charged case and buds, i an confident that i could get seven full days of eight hour usage. I've provided screen shots of the power usage. First morning shows the case at 60% and buds at 100%. Second screen shot shows after a day at work with case still at 60% and the buds at about 20% each. I put the buds in the case and tossed them in my backpack. Next morning, (third screen shot) buds at 100% and the case only down to 50%. THAT IS AWESOME!!!! I hate being tethered by power cords, and the case and buds only need a couple hours to fully charge when needed. Fantastic job JBL!!!
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June 22, 2022
Originally posted at
Rated 5 out of 5
Perfect for running and work meetings!
This is a great product. I have primarily used them for running and connecting to my laptop and tablet. They work great on runs as they do not fall out of my ears. Also, they easily connect to my laptop and tablet and produce great sound quality. The microphone works great as well which is important because I use them in Zoom meetings for work.

The sound quality is great. Also the battery life of the headphones and the charging case is phenomenal. They are versatile headphones that allow for an active and ever-changing lifestyle. The noise cancellation is an added bonus that works great. Overall, a great product from JBL.
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June 22, 2022
Originally posted at
Rated 5 out of 5
These check all the boxes, simply incredible.
OK, I can admit that I am a bluetooth earbud addict. I've tried many brands and styles. This set is the best sounding ear buds that I've had in a VERY long time. First off, I love how easy this was to pair with my phone (Android. Didn't have to do anything besides tap the prompt when they appeared on my screen. Also, this set finally uses the JBL headphone app the way I have wanted it to for a long time. You can tweak the EQ, change up the functions/taps on each ear bud, and the tap motion to use those functions is light and responsive. LOVE the noise cancelling feature, and the ability to be aware of surroundings. Having that flexibility is worth a ton to me. Super comfortable, comes with the usual Small/medium/large ear pads to custom fit, and they sit very comfortably in the ear without fatigue or pain. Phone calls were clear and everyone said I sounded like I was in the room. Super compact charger case as well. I really have no complaints at and again, the sound is exceptional. HIGHLY recommend.
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June 18, 2022
Originally posted at
Rated 5 out of 5
Legitimately Impressed!!
I work primarily from home. All day, every day: video calls, presentations, and music listening - from the backyard, basement, and kitchen. These earbuds are AMAZING while connected to my MacBook Pro and iPhone 13! Out of the carton (nicely packed, I might add), the earbuds were charged. They connected easily and quickly to my hardware, are SUPER LIGHT, and have outstanding audio quality. The various noise control settings function well, and the tap controls are perfectly sensitive and quite responsive. I've used and abandoned a ton of Bluetooth earbud products, but this one is great! Unquestionably a keeper and one that will be used frequently.
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June 16, 2022
Originally posted at
Rated 5 out of 5
Really nice upgrade
I’ve been using happily using premium wireless earbuds for a few years now, so I was hesitant to believe these would be worth upgrading to. But after about a week’s worth of use, I’m a firm believer. First of all, these earbuds are much lighter. I didn’t think my previous earbuds were heavy at all, but these are significantly lighter, and thus more comfortable. I attended a Zoom conference for several hours and didn’t even notice I was wearing them.
The JBL app interface is also improved, another pleasant surprise. Within the app you can turn on/off noise cancellation, adjust the bass/treble, customize the controls, and test the fit of the earbuds. A cool new feature I noticed is “voice aware” which lets you control the amount of audio feedback you hear. I didn’t think I would need this feature, but I played around with it during my Zoom conference calls, and it’s a game changer. I also love that I have the option of voice prompts for turning features on/off. Again, this wasn’t a feature I ever knew I needed, but especially when toggling between noise cancellation, talk-through and ambient aware, I found that I really loved having verbal feedback instead of just a sound or beep.
My final comment is on the shape because I had conflicted feelings about it. At first I didn’t really like it, my first thought is that they were super slippery jelly beans. I had a hard time getting them quickly out of the case and into my ears. And trying to adjust them in my ears would set off the gestures. But after a day or two, I realized I just needed to get used to them. The slight curve in the shape is actually designed for holding them (duh). And the small shape actually mean that they fit really nicely inside my ear. They don’t stick out like crazy. I wore them on a long flight and was able to rest my head comfortably on a pillow without jabbing the earbuds into my head. I was very happy!
In conclusion, a really really nice set of premium earbuds. The amazing JBL sound is what you would expect. But it also adds a few thoughtful features that really impressed me and make them worth upgrading to.
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June 16, 2022
Originally posted at
Rated 5 out of 5
Feature rich light weight headphones!
These are excellent little headphones! The sound is typical for JBL with deep bass and crisp highs. They are very very light, which I like a lot. They are comfortable to wear. I really like the integration with the JBL Headphones app. This model has a feature that measures the fit of the headphones by playing some music and using the microphone to see if it hears it. I learned that one of my ear canals needs a smaller end than the other! These have ANC which works very well. I used it in presence of my loud motorcycle and it removed all of the harsh sound, but not all of the sound. I really like that these are able to sense when they are in my ear. They will stop playing when not in the ear. That definitely helps when I am listening to an audio book and have to take my headphone(s) out to chat with someone. It will pick back up as soon as I put it back in my ear. I do wish the case had some texture on the outside, because it is slick and I have dropped it a couple times. All in all, I would definitely recommend these to a friend!
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June 15, 2022
Originally posted at


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