JBL Cinema Base 2.2 Channel All-In-One Soundbase for TV

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Product Information

JBL Cinema Base 2.2 Channel All-In-One Soundbase for TV

Designed to complement your flat-screen TV, the JBL Cinema Base projects stunning virtual surround sound from a sleek, self-contained package. Its all in one table-top form is designed to fit neatly under most TVs up to 60”. It connects with a single cable to your TV using an HDMI, optical or analog connection, and plays music wirelessly from Bluetooth smartphones or tablets. 240 watts of power drive the built-in speakers, including the integrated, independently adjustable dual subwoofer. It features Harman Volume, which keeps sudden volume changes from disrupting the experience. It can learn any TV remote volume control, giving you simplified control over your cinema experience. In addition, a side USB port can charge your phone or tablet. The unique metallic speaker grille is both elegant and easy to clean.


JBL Cinema Base Soundbase Highlights:


  • Connects your compatible TV and JBL device with a single cable.

Bluetooth Connectivity

  • Allows you to wirelessly stream music through any Bluetooth enabled device.


  • Makes sudden volume changes smooth and consistent. Say goodbye to loud commercials and low dialogue volume.

Recharges your Media Device

  • This speaker charges your device so you can listen longer and be ready to go at a moment's notice.

Sound Base

  • Complements the look of today's flat screens, while projecting enveloping sound that's unmatchable with a TV's built-in speakers. Place your TV on top, connect and enjoy.


JBL Cinema Base Soundbase Features:

Convenient “pedestal” sound system for your TV—no wall-mounting required

  • Sleek and compact, the JBL Cinema Base complements the look of today’s razor-thin flat screens, while projecting a deep, rich, enveloping sound that’s unmatchable with a TV’s built-in speakers. Simply place your TV on top, connect and enjoy.

Flexible all in one design supports most TVs up to 60”

  • Wide, low, sleek, and supportive, the JBL Cinema Base nearly disappears under your TV.

Experience high-performance JBL sound with built-in dual subwoofers

  • Advanced acoustic design and dual subwoofers deliver better sound quality for music, movies and gaming.

Simple one-cable connection to your TV with HDMI ARC or optical

  • For true plug-and-play home theater, HDMI ARC technology connects your compatible TV and the JBL Cinema Base with a single cable. It is also equipped with optical and analog audio inputs.

No more loud commercials—Harman Volume keeps your sound levels consistent

  • Harman Volume makes sure that the loudness stays smooth and consistent. You won’t have to constantly adjust for loud commercials and other fluctuations.

Big movie sound with Dolby Digital and Harman Display Surround sound

  • Harman Display Surround Virtual Sound and Dolby Digital decoding fill your room with movie sound and music, not speakers and wires.

Stream music from your smartphone or tablet with Bluetooth wireless audio

  • The JBL Cinema Base remembers up to 10 Bluetooth devices and can instantly reconnect for music streaming.

Charge each of your mobile devices with convenient built-in USB charging port

  • Charge any device, even while a movie is playing.

Simplify your experience by using your existing TV remote control to operate the soundbase

  • The JBL Cinema Base learns the volume TV remote’s functions, offering simplified control over your cinema experience.


JBL Cinema Base Soundbase Specifications:

  • Device Compatibility: 3.5mm, Bluetooth
  • Type: Dual 6" (150mm) polypropylene woofers
  • Sensitivity: 93 dB (2.83V/1m)
  • System Frequency Response: 45Hz – 20kHz


What's In The Box:

  • 1 Cinema Base Soundbase
  • 1 Remote Control
  • 1 Power Cable
  • 1 HDMI Cable
  • 1 Optical Cable
  • 1 Analog 3.5mm Audio Cable
  • 1 Safety Sheet
  • 1 Quick-start Guide