iWalk Extreme 10000 Duo Rechargeable Backup Battery

Model: UBE10000d-001A UPC: 6952015406916 Item: 838

Product Information

iWalk Extreme 10000 Duo Rechargeable Backup Battery

The Extreme 10,000 Duo allows you to charge your smartphone and tablet simultaneously, with its 1.0A port and 2.1A quick charging port. It’s equipped with a reliable 10,000mAh lithium-ion battery for efficiency and reliability. Smart circuit protection prevents the devices from being overcharged, and there is an LED flashlight on the back of the unit. iWalk paid attention to every detail, including its sleek design, and soft-touch finish.  Plus, it’s compact enough to be easily carried around.


iWalk Extreme 10000 Duo Rechargeable Backup Battery Features:

  • Rechargeable, compact universal backup battery  
  • Impressive 10,000mAh lithium-ion battery with Dual USB ports  
  • Charge 2 USB-powered devices simultaneously  
  • 2.1A rapid charging port to charge your tablet  
  • Smart circuit protection design keeps your devices from overcharging  
  • DC In/Out port features dust-proof cover  
  • Emergency flashlight on back—just press and hold power button