Intuitive, LLC IWB-2b In-Wall Speaker Box - Small Breadboard Back Panel (White)

Model: IWB-2BW UPC: 696859290541 Item: 164218

Product Information

IWB-2b In-Wall Speaker Box

Intuitive took a great box, and made it better! They took their most popular in-wall box, the IWB-2, and made the trim ring removeable. You can now install them during pre-construction, then trim them out later...and of course you can still use them in a retrofit installation.

The “b” series features a breadboard back panel, so that you can utilize their Universal Clamps and Zip Tie Clips, making your installation faster and more reliable.


IWB-2b Features and Specifications:

  • Pre-construction or retrofit installation
  • Accommodates up to 3/4” thick wall material
  • Heavy duty “Dog Ears” install from the inside for easy installation...and they don't fall into the wall.
  • Removable trim ring.
  • Knockouts to accommodate direct mounting of wall plates to the outer edge.
  • Knockouts for direct wire entry
  • Knockouts for both metal and plastic high-volt boxes.
  • Welded steel construction with heavy duty powdercoated finish
  • Breadboard rear panel for easy mounting of components
  • Easy retrofit installation into any 2x4 wall. Fitting into 10” on-center or larger stud bays, the IWB-2b is as simple as mounting an in-wall speaker.
  • Don’t worry about existing wires in the wall. After mounting you will have over 1/2” of clearance behind the enclosure for existing wires. or running new wires.
  • Connect and test your system, PRIOR to hanging the display. Save hours of labor making sure everything is correct the first time.
  • Patents Pending


What's In The Box:

  • 1 - IWB-2b Enclosure
  • 2 - Intuitive Dog Ears
  • 2 - 5mm  Dog Ear Screws
  • 8 - Self tap screws for mounting plates
  • 6 - Trim ring screws
  • 1 - GRM-1 wire Grommet
  • 1 - Cut Out Template