Intuitive, LLC CMP-1 Component Mounting Plate

Model: CMP-1 UPC: 794504992755 Item: 163842

Product Information

CMP-1 Component Mounting Plate

One major issue confronts most of today’s installers...where to put all of the components that support the system, the Apple TV, room controllers, satellite boxes, etc... and most need to be installed at the display location.

Intuitive's IWB series of In Wall Boxes are a great solution for that issue, but what about the installations where cutting the wall is not possible? Block walls, stand mounted, pole mounted, commercial installations... well, the CMP-1 solves this issue.

Easily attached to the rear of the display using the VESA mounting locations, the CMP-1 allows you to quickly and securely add a versatile component location. Built from powdercoated steel, the CMP-1 will display the quality of your installation.


CMP-1 Features:

Mount to the rear of your TV... Easily!

  • Easily mounted to the TV's VESA mounts, the CMP-1 allows you to securely mount all of your electronics to the rear of the display. Save time and money, while creating a more reliable installation.

Mount it... Anywhere!

  • Easily attach all of your baluns, Apple TVs, satellite boxes and more to Intuitive's unique breadboard surface. Use their UMC-1 clamps, or simple use wire ties.

Threaded support food... A stable mounting surface!

  • The support foot is easily attached at the outside of the breadboard surface, combined with the VESA moutns, the CMP-1 is firmly in place. Easily attached with supplied heavy duty double stick tape, it will not come loose or damage the display.

Unlimited mounting options!

  • Because the CMP-1 mounting platform and breadboard are separate, the mounting options are unlimited. Mount it to the side, the middle, the top, the other side... it's easy and fits your installation.


CMP-1 Specifications:

  • Solid 1.5mm steel construction
  • Black powdercoat finish
  • Black Zinc plated mounting hardware
  • Plastic support foot and nuts, easily trimmed to height
  • Heavy duty double sided tape


What's In The Box:

  • 1 - CMP-1 VESA mounting Plate
  • 1 - CMP-1 Breadboard Plate
  • 1 - CMP-1 Support foot
  • 4 - Self tap screws for attaching VESA plate to Breadboard
  • 1 - Bag of screws and washers for attaching VESA plate to display