Infinity Primus PS38 8" 150W Powered Subwoofer - Each (Black)

Model: PS38BK UPC: 050667368357 Item: 149949

The Infinity Primus PS38 Powered Subwoofer keeps the floorboards thumping with high-quality bass sound. Designed with Metal Matrix Diaphragm technology for the woofers, this compact Infinity subwoofer produces a surprisingly powerful punch while reducing unnecessary noise. Each bass note is highlighted to efficiently produce high-resolution track standards.

Infinity Primus PS38 Subwoofer Features:

  • Small design reduces footprint and makes it easy to place around a room
  • Powerful bass sound produced through digital amplification
  • Clean, noiseless audio from the MMD woofer technology

Product Information

The Infinity Primus Series: Where Infinity Sound Begins.

Prepare to raise your expectations and experience home entertainment at a new level of clarity and realism. From unobtrusive bookshelf systems to dazzlingly powerful home theaters, there's an Infinity Primus system that's right for every purpose and room in your home. Most other speaker systems in the Primus price range sound as if they are spraying their sound at you; tinny, hollow and reproduced. With its MMD transducer technology and seamless component architecture working in unison to eliminate unwanted resonance modes, the Infinity Primus PS38BK doesn't spray - it immerses, rolling over the listener with warm, rich sound the way live music does. Combine the Primus PS38BK with any one of Infinity's powerful MMD-equipped Primus floorstanding loudspeakers or bookshelf speakers, and the Primus PS38BK will fill any room with dramatic and well-defined sound. This is where Infinity sound begins, and its well within your reach.

The Infinity Primus PS38 powered subwoofer serves as a great addition to any existing stereo system, but works beautifully with others in the Primus line. Add to a couple of P363 speakers together to get a full stereo sound with a bass punch, or use the P163 bookshelf speaker to complete a compact system. You can also add some focus to the vocals with the PC251 center speaker.

Infinity Primus PS38 Subwoofer Features:

Low Resonance Enclosures

  • For more natural sound reproduction, internal bracing is used to reduce cabinet vibration and minimize unwanted background noise.


  • MMD – Metal Matrix Diaphragms use advanced materials to improve accuracy at an affordable price. Both sides of an aluminum core are anodized for rigidity and speed, resulting in pure, truthful sound. MMDs derive from Infinity’s patented CMMD technology.

Digital Amplification

  • With high performance and low power consumption, digital amps are poised to replace traditional analogs. They use less heat, less space, and pick up less noise.

Woofer Size: 8"


PS38 Specifications:

  • Height (in): 17-7/8
  • Width (in): 10-5/8
  • Depth (in): 16-1/2
  • Weight (lbs): 7
  • Frequency Response (±3dB): 35Hz - 150Hz
  • Depth (in): 16-1/2
  • Depth (mm): 419
  • Height (in): 17-7/8
  • Height (mm): 454
  • Speaker Depth (in): 16-1/2
  • Speaker Height (in): 17-7/8
  • Speaker Weight (lb): 7
  • Speaker Width (in): 10-5/8
  • Width (in): 10-5/8
  • USA Warranty Length: 5 Year Speaker / 2 Year Electronics