Harman Kardon Soundsticks Wireless Bluetooth Enabled 2.1 Channel Speaker System

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Upgrade your desktop system to the wireless age with the Harman Kardon SoundSticks Wireless. This 2.1-channel wireless speaker system follows its predecessor in top quality and design, and adds the benefit of Bluetooth technology for wireless audio streaming. It also features a 3.5mm input, so you can directly connect an auxiliary cable for the perfect computer audio solution.

SoundSticks System Features:
  • Wirelessy stream music in high quality using Bluetooth and TrueStream
  • Sleek, modern design that's lauded in NYC's Museum of Modern Art
  • 3.5mm input offers a wired solution for desktop computers and more
  • Use touch controls for volume and mute capabilities
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Soundsticks Wireless Bluetooth Enabled 2.1 Channel Speaker System
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Product Information

Harman Kardon Soundsticks Wireless Bluetooth Enabled 2.1 Channel Speaker System - Beautiful sound requires no wires.

For nearly 60 years, Harman Kardon engineers have designed some of the worlds most sought-after speaker and amplification systems for home and car audio including the SoundSticks 2.1-channel desktop speakers, the only audio system to become a permanent fixture at the New York City Museum of Modern Art (MoMA). In a continuing effort to make their best even better, Harman Kardon engineers have now upgraded that same work of art into a wireless incarnation: the SoundSticks Wireless.

Stepping up its ability to deliver exceptional audio in a beautiful package, the SoundSticks Wireless features a six-inch (160-millimeter) subwoofer, eight full-range drivers, 40 watts of amplification, touch controls for volume and muting, and a 1/8-inch (3.5-millimeter) audio connection for compatibility to various devices and it also has the added benefit of integrated Bluetooth technology. So whether you're working away at your desk or comfortably lounging on the sofa across the room, you can still experience the same breathtaking sound from music, movies, games and podcasts from any Bluetooth-enabled device be it your phone, tablet, MP3 player or computer. The SoundSticks Wireless is truly performance at its finest.


Harman Kardon Soundsticks Wireless 2.1 Channel Speaker System Highlights:

  • Bluetooth audio streaming
  • HARMAN TrueStream
  • Awe-inspiring industrial design
  • 1/8" (3.5mm) stereo audio connection
  • Touch controls for volume and mute
  • 6" (160mm) down-firing subwoofer with volume control
  • Eight full-range transducers
  • Easy-to-adjust satellite speakers
  • Harman Kardon sound: A legacy of achievement


Harman Kardon Soundsticks Wireless 2.1 Channel Speaker System Features:

40 watts of amplification

  • Technically, the SoundSticks Wireless system is multimedia, but once you hear it perform, you'll realize that it could easily become your primary audio system. With 40 watts of amplification producing rich, realistic sound, the SoundSticks Wireless offers strong bass output that will make all your music sound great no matter what source is generating the music. And with the SoundSticks Wireless down-firing subwoofer amplifiers matched to its satellite speakers, you can rest assured that each speaker will get exactly what it needs to deliver consistent, optimal performance.

Bluetooth audio streaming

  • Lets face it, most of our audio devices are Bluetooth-capable. And were not using them just for music; were watching movies, playing games and accessing social content. Using advanced HARMAN TrueStream wireless technology, you can connect your Bluetooth-enabled devices such as your tablet, phone, MP3 player and laptop to get the best possible wireless sound quality from all of your audio, not just your music. And it automatically switches to the Bluetooth system when your audio device is connected and playing. So whether you're working away at the desk or streaming music while lounging on your comfy sofa across the room, you'll still experience the same high-quality Harman Kardon sound you've come to love.

HARMAN TrueStream

  • HARMAN TrueStream is Harman's guarantee that you will experience the best possible listening experience when streaming wirelessly via Bluetooth technology. Because there are many connectivity options when it comes to Bluetooth technology, Harman engineers always use the most current and most advanced. This method ensures the highest quality sound no matter the application or source device.

Awe-inspiring industrial design

  • Few multimedia sound systems can boast that their predecessor is part of the permanent collection at s (MoMA), but thats exactly the claim the SoundSticks Wireless speaker system can make. Taking its older siblings celebrated design even further, the new SoundSticks Wirelesss look is cutting edge, with a modern industrial-design aesthetic, elegant black accents and a luminescent white LED glow. And though the SoundSticks Wireless system may look like a visitor from the future with its transparent speaker covers, its exceptional performance makes it a more than worthy successor to the original, famous SoundSticks system.

1/8" (3.5mm) stereo audio connection

  • Though you keep plenty of songs on your Bluetooth devices, that doesn't mean that all of your music is there. So weve ensured the SoundSticks Wirelesss compatibility with other sound sources. Thanks to its 1/8-inch (3.5-millimeter) stereo audio connection, you can use the SoundSticks Wireless speakers with nearly any device that has stereo line-level outputs. By offering you this user-friendly option, the SoundSticks Wireless is more than just a gorgeous addition to your desktop, bookshelf or entertainment center. It also keeps your life simple with a maximum of connection options and a bare minimum of wiring.

Touch controls for volume and mute

  • The SoundSticks Wireless system makes it easy for you to interact with its subwoofer and satellite-speaker sticks, offering sensitive touch controls for raising, lowering or muting the system volume. By responding to the gentle touch of your fingertip, this intuitive design feature makes your SoundSticks Wireless system easy to operate and keeps this work of audio art in the best possible condition.

6" (160mm) down-firing subwoofer with volume control

  • In addition to 40 watts of amplification, the SoundSticks Wireless system also features a 6-inch (160-millimeter) down-firing subwoofer with volume control. By aiming sound down instead of sideways, your subwoofer makes your system less susceptible to adverse room variables and gives you consistent performance. The subwoofer also has a flared port that reduces port noise during high-volume audio passages. This feature helps you tailor sound levels based on your rooms specifications as well as your own listening preferences.

Eight full-range transducers

  • Harman Kardon products have a rich history of beautifully engineered sound. The SoundSticks Wireless system is no different, coming with eight full-range transducers (four in each satellite speaker) and deftly filling your room with great sound while increasing your power handling and audio output. With low distortion and high sound quality, the SoundSticks Wireless speakers ensure that you'll hear music or video exactly the way its creators intended.

Easy-to-adjust satellite speakers

  • Elegant and easy to use, the SoundSticks Wireless satellite speakers are designed to fit exactly where you want them. Aim these slim, small-footprint sticks at the desk where you work or at the comfy couch across the room where you take a break; either way, the SoundSticks Wirelesss sticks will give you great sound.

Harman Kardon sound: A legacy of achievement

  • The SoundSticks Wireless system strikes the perfect balance between beautiful sound and elegant design. Whats more, it allows you to access all the audio on your favorite devices conveniently and without a hassle, thanks to integrated Bluetooth technology. The system lives up to a powerhouse tradition; from the worlds first stereo receiver (the Festival TA230) to the incarnation of the SoundSticks system that has become part of the permanent collection at New York City's Museum of Modern Art, Harman Kardon engineers have consistently advanced the science of sound, developing magnificent audio products that are dedicated to quality and durability and, most importantly, generating rave reviews from audiophiles.


What's in the Box

What's In The Box:

  • 1 Harman Kardon SoundSticks Wireless Speaker System
  • 1 power cable
  • 1 power adapter
  • 1 speaker cable
  • 1 speaker adapter
  • Instructions


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  1. 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Beauty comes a price.

    Like with women beauty comes with a price. The Harman/Kardon Soundsticks are beautiful aesthetically and produce wonderful sound whether I'm watching a movie editing footage or playing 'This American Life' via Bluetooth.