Focal ISN 130 Universal 5.25" 2-Way Component Slim Kit

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Do you need a slim component speaker system? Focal has a solution for you: the ISN130 5.25" speaker kit. It's only 2 1/16" deep so it can fit in even the most shallow of doors or kick panels. You don't have to sacrifice great sound because this kit uses Focal's patented Polyglass design for the woofer and its aluminum/magnesium blend tweeter. You still get great bass and detailed highs!

Focal ISN130 Feature:

  • From Focal's Integration line.
  • Aluminum/magnesium blend inverted dome tweeters for accurate sound.
  • Polyglass woofer cone for rich, full sound reproduction.
  • Included crossovers for protection and tuning options.

Product Information

ISN 130 Universal 5.25" 2-Way Component Slim Kit

The ISN 130 2-way kit is the culmination of intensive studies on the limitations in original installations in terms of reception in mountainous regions. A truly compact product, powerful and capable of functioning anywhere, the ISN 130 offers improvements in audio systems without needing lots of technical modifications.


ISN 130 Highlights:

  • Innovative basket fixing
  • Removable clips supplied
  • Neodymiun magnet: powerful & compact: 67,4mm (with rubber cap) & 45 mm (without cap)
  • Compatibility with shallow original space
  • 2 tweeter support accessories


ISN 130 Features:

Concentrated Ingenuity

  • The ISN 130 kit is not only a highly sensitive, top of the range kit, but is also a technically versatile component which can be installed in a wide variety of installation positions. Focal have directed their design efforts towards the mechanical aspects, as well as towards the acoustics. The fixing system is, therefore, unique and is suitable for 2, 3 and 4 point fixation systems, by means of the clip-on, detachable lugs on the edge of the frame.

A Made in Focal Sound

  • Polyglass technology ensures a warm hi-fi sound, which will bring you memorable musical experiences while you listen in your car. Made In France is the sign of a kit constructed for ease of use and efficiency.


ISN 130 Additional Features:

  • Butyl surround - Resilient material, promoting long life
  • Laser engraved serial number - Certificate of authenticity
  • ABS chassis - Strong rigid and non-magnetic chassis
  • Polyglass cone - Neutral sound without coloration
  • Phase plug - Better dispersion
  • TNB inverted dome tweeter - Detailed and non directive
  • Terminal integrated to the basket - Compact
  • Neodymium magnet - Shallow woofer, easy installation
  • Voice-coil cooling system - Optimum reliability, performance consistency
  • Integrated crossover (woofer + tweeter)


ISN 130 Specifications:

  • Woofer: 5" (130mm)
  • Voice-coil diameter: 1-1/4" (32mm)
  • Voice-coil height: 0-7/16" (10.5mm)
  • Magnet: Neodymium
  • Aluminum inverted dome TNB tweeter
  • Integrated crossover: 6dB/oct (Woofer)/12 dB/oct (Tweeter)
  • Max. power: 100W
  • Nom. power: 50W RMS
  • Sensitivity (2.83V/1m): 91.7dB
  • Frequency response: 80Hz - 28kHz
  • Accessories: Supplied without grille. Crossover on connector (woofer and tweeter).

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