Focal 6.5 400W 2-Way Component Kit w/Adjustable Crossovers

Model: 165KRX2 UPC: 3544052751321 Item: 162118

Powerful, high fidelity sound is important to Focal, and it shows with the K2 Power 165KRX2 Component Kit. The K2 Power series features specifically designed tweeters and woofers that work together to ensure clear highs and a heavy bass. Hand made components developed by Focal deliver an ideal blend of sound for a dynamic stereo experience.

165KRX2 Component Kit Features:
  • Experience more detailed sound with separate components
  • Premium aramid fiber tweeter delivers smooth, high definition sound
  • High precision separate crossover system
  • Adjustable tweeter level and midrange control

Product Information

K2 Power Series:

The K2 power series by Focal was developed to allow you to reach the very top levels of acoustic resolution and sound pressure levels.  This series symbolizes Focal's expertise in combining a mix of pure sound control with detailed and dynamic speed and sophistication of sound reproduction. 

The K2 power series features tweeters with inverted aramid fiber which produces smooth and precise highs while optimizing the image of your audio to produce a broad range of frequencies and ultra-realistic sound quality.  the woofers of this line of speakers feature extremely high power handling and very detailed sound thanks to the exceptional composite sandwich cone technology.

About the Tweeters

The tweeters feature aramid fiber flexibility combined with resin hardness for superior sound quality and sound staging.  One of the things that makes the sound stage so extreme is the partial horn loading.  The magnet ringed structure of these tweeters brings an important magnetic flow in the air gap that in shores optimal control over the voice coil.  The inverted dome is slightly deepened to reduce directivity and link between the cone and the voice coil.

The K2 Composite Sandwich Cone Woofer

This column structure features a thermoformed, structural foam central cone coated with an aramid fiber layer on the front side and a glass layer directly derived from the Utopia series on the backside.  This hybrid technology significantly improves membrane rigidity without raising the weight.  The long coil remains distortion free even at high volume levels.

About the Crossover

The K2 crossover is one of the unique advantages of the K2 series of speakers.  The crossovers built into this series use audiophile grade parts only, in order to avoid the speakers ever getting damaged.  The crossovers feature aluminized polypropylene capacitors which provide very high definition and high detailed sound quality.  The air core inductors offer great dynamics.  The K2 series features tweeter level control adjustments and midrange position matching.

Zamak chassis

The chassis of this speaker is made of Zamak.  This is a special material only found in the finest audiophile grade speaker systems.  This has a strong rigid chassis which is nonmagnetic,and non-resonant.

2 Ohm voice coils

It is very un-common to find 2 ohm speakers, which is one of the reasons this component system is the best. Amplifiers built into receivers, and also external amps, put out twice as much power at 2 ohms than at 4 ohms. You also must understand that speakers can only put out the amount of power as the amp powering them. With this said, you can have 4 ohm speakers that are 8 times more powerful than these, but these will still be twice as loud than those 4 ohm being powered with the same 4 channel amp.

High Sensitivity

High sensitivity means that the speakers are very sensitive to the power from an amplifier.  What that means is that even with a small amplifier the speakers will those super loud.  The more sensitive the speaker is, the louder it will be able to play with any specific amplifier.


  • Focal 165 KRX2 6-1/2" or 6 3/4" K2 Power Series 2 way Component System
  • Peak: 400 watts per set / 200 watts each side
  • RMS: 200 watts per set / 100 watts each side
  • TN53K inverted dome tweeter
  • K2 composite sandwich cone for high impact and detailed sound reproduction
  • Zamak chassis is rigid and nonmagnetic
  • aluminum phase plug provides better midrange directivity
  • Butyl surrounds with excellent reliability
  • serial number engraved in the block
  • 2 ohm voice coils
  • high sensitivity rating
  • inverted Dome Tweeter provides smoothness and accuracy for your highs
  • Neodymium ring magnet provides very high linearity and dynamics
  • foams separate surround for extended frequency response
  • adjustable tweeter level in 3 dB steps
  • Polypropylene capacitor produces natural treble reproduction
  • Air core inductors are resistant to parasites and produce the maximum dynamics
  • Super tweeter emphasizes the extreme treble
  • Grills included
  • CKMV Cone
  • DC resistance: 1.9 ohms
  • Kapton Former
  • 2 layer voice coil
  • Full copper internal wires
  • Fs: 76.46 Hz
  • Vas: 7.45
  • Xmax: 5.5 mm
  • Qts: 0.754
  • Qes: 0.83
  • Qms: 8.24
  • Re: 1.9 ohms
  • Sd: 132.73 CM squared
  • SPL: 87.87 dB