Flexson Floorstand for Sonos Play:5 - Each

Model: FLXP5F1011 UPC: 799441549581 Item: 1353

Give your multi-room audio the attention it deserves with the Flexson Floor Stand for the SONOS Play:5 Wireless Music System. Designed to give your audio a pedestal, this stand allows you to place your speaker anywhere around your room. Whether its to intentionally put the speaker on display, or to help take advantage of that room's corner space, this stand will help make sure your speaker delivers the quality sound right to your ears, like it was intended to.

Flexson Floor Stand Features:

  • Place your wireless speaker anywhere around your room
  • Take advantage of the cable routing design to keep the power cable clear
  • Hear each track at an optimum listening height
  • Available in Black and White finishes to match your device's color

Product Information

Flexson Floorstand for Sonos Play:5 

Designed to be used with Play:5 generation 1 and is not compatible with Play:5 generation 2.

Flexson’s bespoke floorstand for the SONOS PLAY:5 allows you to put your speaker in the perfect place to sound ? and look great. The Flexson PLAY:5 floorstand is precision engineered in England to perfectly match the size, style and colour of the SONOS PLAY:5 speaker. Like all Flexson SONOS products, the PLAY:5 floorstand allows for neat cable routing, easy fitting and flexible placement. The Flexson PLAY:5 floorstand is a sturdy, metal design, with a stable base. It puts the SONOS speaker at a perfect listening height. The Flexson PLAY:5 floorstand comes with your choice of spikes (for carpeted floors) or gel pads (for hard floors).

Flexson. Designed by SONOS users for SONOS users.


Flexson Floorstand Features:

  • Bespoke design for SONOS Play:5 speaker (generation 1)
  • Puts SONOS Play:5 at perfect listening height
  • Clever cable management keeps things tidy
  • Precision engineered in England
  • Simple to assemble

What's in the Box

What's In The Box:

  • Base Column with speaker support
  • Spikes (x4)
  • Gel pads (x4)
  • Security screws (x2)