Eton Boost 8400 Pocket-Sized Battery Backup Pack

Model: NBOBO8400B UPC: 750254807657 Item: 799

Product Information

Eton Boost 8400 Pocket-Sized Battery Backup Pack

The powerful, pocket-sized, dual-charging backup battery pack that fully charges most smartphones three times plus it can charge tablets


Eton Boost 8400 Battery Backup Pack Features:

  • Pump Up The Power. Never be caught powerless again. This super-slim, super-powerful backup battery pack features a rechargeable 8400mAH lithium battery for long-lasting reliable power—whether you’re on a plane or at the park.
  • Double Up. The Boost 8400 features a Micro-USB DC input to use with most smartphone chargers and two standard 2.1A USB ports so you can charge two devices (two smartphones or a smartphone and tablet) simultaneously—with a combined output current of 2.1A.
  • Triple Play. When the Boost 8400 is all charged up, it packs enough power to charge most smartphones three times and can even charge tablets—so every device gets the power it needs.
  • Shake It Up. Just give the Boost 8400 a quick shake and the LED charge indicators will let you know how much battery charge you have left.
  • Palm Sized. So small, so sleek, so powerful. Fits perfectly in your pocket, purse or palm for an anytime, anywhere power boost.
  • 8400 mAh lithium ion battery