Denon HEOS 7 Wireless Streaming Speaker - Series 2

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Denon HEOS 7 Wireless Streaming Speaker Overview

Achieve big acoustics for big rooms with the HEOS 7 Wireless Streaming Speaker. Whether hosting a get-together in a house with an open floor or simply relaxing on the patio, this mobile speaker fill the largest rooms with music. Built-in Bluetooth and wireless capability means your music library or streaming service is just a heartbeat away with your portable speaker. To achieve an unrivaled range, the HEOS 7 has five active drivers (including two precision tweeters, two mid-woofers and one subwoofer) and two cutting-edge radiators for additional bass support. For every active driver, there’s a Class D digital amplification channel to maximize clarity. Denon has also includes handy hardware access: a headphone output for personal listening, and an auxiliary analog line input for connecting any device to your wireless music system. Bring it all together with the free HEOS app, which lets you pause, play and choose soundtracks from your phone. Dare to embrace the HEOS 7.

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HEOS 7 Wireless Streaming Speaker - Series 2
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Product Information

Product highlights

  • 100~240 Volts AC power
  • 7 Driver speaker system features 5 active drivers including 2 precision tweeters, 2 mid-woofers, and 1 subwoofer for rich, wide-ranging sound across any large space
  • 2 passive radiators provide additional bass augmentation
  • Portable speaker utilizes Wi-Fi networks or Bluetooth to stream music with High Resolution Audio Support
  • Download the free HEOS app to remotely control your wireless music system
  • Supports popular streaming services including Spotify, Pandora, TuneIn, Amazon Music, iHeart Radio, SiriusXM, SoundCloud, TIDAL and Rhapsody
  • Supports audio formats: WMA, AAC, MP3, WAV, ALAC and FLAC
  • 5 Class D digital amplifier channels provide wide dynamic range and reduce distortion levels
  • Convenient headphone output accommodates private listening 
  • Wireless speaker includes 3.5mm stereo auxiliary line input to connect a device with analog stereo output directly to the HEOS 3
  • Compact size is ideal for placement in any room and still delivers big sound 
  • Dimensions: 8" H x 18.9" W x 6.5" D
  • Weight: 9.9 lbs.
  • Warranty: 1 Year - World Wide Stereo is an authorized dealer for every brand we sell
  • World Wide Stereo 60-day guarantee and expert product support

The Power of 5 Active Drivers

Designed for wireless play in larger areas, the HEOS 7 is unbeatable when it comes to high-quality wireless audio thanks to the five distinct, powerful drivers behind the wireless sound system. 

Two precision tweeters lend the speaker greater accuracy. Two mid-woofers equip your Bluetooth speaker with an unbeatable range. The subwoofer adds a rich complexity for the ultimate in wireless speaker performance.

Two Passive Radiators 

Get 2 extra drives with your HEOS 7 Wi-Fi speaker. These state-of-the-art passive radiators give your wireless music system that extra bit of bass needed to cover a patio in high-fidelity sound. 

A Class D Digital Amplifier Behind Every Driver

Featuring four channels of class D digital amplification, your HEOS 7 mobile speaker achieve a wider dynamic range. These amplifiers reduce pesky distortions and fading so you get clear music from any angle or distance.

High Resolution Audio at a Multi-Room Level

This wide-range portable speaker can fill multiple rooms at once with high-quality sound. Styled after the technology of professional recording studios, Denon delivers a speaker with High Resolution Audio for the ultimate listening experience.

Whether you’re streaming wireless audio from your phone or directly connecting via analog cable, the HEOS 7 emits trop-grade sound to rival the acoustics of a soundstage. 

Headphones for Personal Listening

Your wireless sound system comes readily equipped with a 3.5 mm stereo headphone jack. Connect your headphones directly to the analog stereo, and enjoy a few private hours with your playlist.

Connect with the Auxiliary Analog Line Input

Plug directly into your HEOS wireless music system with a device of your choice. The HEOS 7 comes with a 3.5 mm stereo analog auxiliary line. It’s easy to set up, simply connect, sit back and witness as your music library reaches new heights in your signature Deon device. 

Easy Set-Up

With its compact form, the HEOS 7 is remarkably easy to set up. It's ideal for placement on an end table, counter or coffee table – just set up the speaker and start streaming wireless audio into the largest spaces of your home theater system. With its attractive design and choice of black or white finish, it will seamlessly integrate into your living space

Hi-Fi from your Phone

Download the HEOS app for the iOS, Android or Kindle. It’s free and enables you to connect your device to your favorite music subscription streaming services such as Spotify, TuneIn, Amazon, SoundCloud, Pandora and more. Press pause, play or shuffle through your favorite playlist. Enjoy control over your Bluetooth speaker from the comfort of your palm or pocket.


 HEOS 7 Series 2 Specifications:

Audio System:

  • 7 Driver Speaker System: 5 active drivers, including 2 precision tweeters, 2 mid-woofers, 1 subwoofer. 2 passive radiators provide additional bass augmentation.
  • Class D Digital Amplification: 5 channels of Class D digital amplification provide high efficiency, lowest distortion and widest dynamic range.
  • Headphone Output: Equipped with a standard 3.5mm stereo headphone jack, the HEOS 7 features automatic speaker muting when a headphone plug is inserted into the headphone jack.
  • Auxiliary Analog Line Input: The 3.5mm stereo analog auxiliary line input lets users connect a device with analog stereo output directly to the HEOS 7.

Music Sources:

  • Music Subscription Services: The HEOS app lets you choose from popular subscription streaming services including Spotify, Pandora, TuneIn, Amazon Music, iHeart Radio, SiriusXM, SoundCloud, TIDAL and Rhapsody. More services will be added soon.
  • Internet Radio Stations Streaming: Choose from your favorite internet radio stations and listen to MP3 and WMA streaming audio.
  • Audio Formats Supported:
    • WMA: Up to and including 192kbps
    • AAC and MP3: Up to and including 320kbps
    • WAV, ALAC and FLAC: Up to and including 24-bit/192kHz.
    • *AIFF and DSD support are coming soon
  • Bluetooth Supported: Play on one speaker or add other HEOS speakers in party mode.
  • Picture Formats Supported: HEOS 7 supports JPG, PNG, BMP and GIF album art picture formats.
  • USB Drives Supported: HEOS 7 supports USB thumb drives via the built-in USB port. Music content on a USB drive can be played back locally, or on any or all HEOS players on your network.


  • Wireless Connection: Connect to your wireless network quickly and easily. HEOS 7 supports the latest 802.11 networks (including dual band "N") for the most reliable network connection.
  • Wired Connection: Connect to your home or office LAN system via the RJ-45 wired LAN port.


  • Ideal for: large rooms and open areas such as living rooms, patios, or open-floor-plan homes.
  • Drive Units: two tweeters, two mid-woofers, and one woofer
  • Bluetooth Capability: Yes
  • High Resolution Audio Support: Yes
  • Enclosure Design: two passive radiators
  • Amplifier Channels: 5
  • 3.5mm audio line-in connection: Yes (1)
  • USB port for direct connection of stored music: Yes (1)
  • Wired Network: Ethernet Jack (1)
  • Wireless Network: 802.11a/b/g/n/ac standard on 2.4GHz and 5Ghz bands
  • 3.5mm Headphone Output jack: Yes (1)
  • Includes threaded hole for wall/stand mounting: No
  • Placement: Horizontal
  • Power Supply: 100~240 Volts AC, 50~60 Hz, auto-switching power adapter
  • Controls and Indicators:
    • Volume up/down
    • Mute / Mute button LED indicator
    • Multicolored LED status indicator
    • Network ‘connect’ button (rear)
    • Recessed reset button (rear)
    • Bluetooth ‘connect’ button (rear)
    • 3.5mm Headphone jack
  • Weight: 9.9 lbs; 4.5 kg
  • Multiple Language Support: English, French, Spanish
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 8 x 18.9 x 6.5 inches; 203 x 479 x 164 mm
  • Operating Temperature Range: 41°F~95°F; 5°C~35°C

What's in the Box

What's in the Box:

  • HEOS 7 player
  • AC power adapter
  • 3.5mm setup cable
  • Ethernet cable for wired LAN hookup
  • Quick Start guide.


Customer Reviews for Denon HEOS 7 Wireless Streaming Speaker - Series 2

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25 Reviews
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Love the speaker!
Just recently got the HEOS 7 speaker and we love it. It's the new family favorite! The speaker was so easy to set up. Plug it in and download the HEOS app to your device of choice or several devices. Our family added the app to our iPads, iPods and phones. The speaker isn't too big it fits nicely on the top of our entertainment center.

The app was very easy to use. Just add the app which is a free download to your device. Then choose the many different areas to stream your music from such as Pandora, iheart RADIO or music on your device. Your device acts as your remote so you can control the music from anywhere in your house that is within your Wifi range.

The sound of the speaker is crystal clear. It's loud enough to hear it on both floors of the house without being too loud. Easily adjust the volume from your device.

The only issue we have now is fighting with the rest of my family on whose music to listen to since each person can control the music from their own device. Looks like we will be purchasing the smaller speakers so each person could play their own music choice at the same time.

We are very happy with our purchase! Will definitely be purchasing additional speakers for the rest of the family. Great gifts also.
August 2, 2016
Originally posted at
unmatched quality for the price
I have always been a fan of high quality speakers/systems, as i listen to a variety of music styles daily. This was my first Heos product, and WOW i am very impressed. It has very good range, the highs do not get fuzzy or distorted at high volumes and the bass does not drown out the rest.. it is very crisp and full sounding. This speaker was an excellent choice, it is perfect in size for my family room and has easy wireless connectivity to my phone. The overall build quality is very high, it has a unique style and modern look. I am a Denon customer for life after this experience!
August 6, 2016
Originally posted at
The best sounding wireless speaker system!
I have been skeptical about a single wireless speaker system ever since they were introduced. How could they deliver the type of full range sound I've grown accustomed to from the two channel stereo systems I've been listening to forever? Well, I finally bit the bullet as I've been looking for a solution for a small room and did not have the space nor budget for a complete audio system.

I had a quick listen to a bunch of offerings from the usual suspects; Sonos, Bose, Sony, Samsung, etc, not necessarily side-by-side, and decided to go with the Denon Heos 7, which is their top of the line model. I selected the Heos 7 because they sounded best to me in the showroom and because of Denon's engineering, my previous experience with their products, and their reputation as a respected audio manufacturer.

And boy, did I make the right choice! As soon as I unboxed it, I knew that this speaker was something special. It was easy to set up out of the box You simply download the Heos application onto your smart phone and within a few simple steps, you're streaming and listening to music. The Denon Heos 7 is by far the best sounding wireless speaker system I've heard to date and I've listened to many, including the market leading Sonos. None of the others come close to throwing a soundstage or producing the richness of sound like the Heos 7. I've got it temporarily set up in a fairly large sized room (12' x 20') with a 16 foot vaulted ceiling, and the imaging is incredible. Every genre of music sounds excellent and the bass is respectable for such a small speaker. No boominess or distortion even at loud playing levels.

The Heos app is intuitive with just a minor delay when adjusting the sound or switching from track to track. I suspect the delay is attributed to the wireless network. There is support out of the box for a variety of music services including Pandora, Spotify, SiriusXM, Rhapsody, etc. However, one thing I tried unsuccessfully to do was set up the Heos as a DLNA device so that I could stream Youtube. I guess I'll have to research this further if it's possible or call and ask Denon support.

The Heos 7 sounds great on it's own so I would love to hear how a two Heos system would sound as a stereo pair. On top of all this, the Heos 7 is a great looking speaker with a blue light glowing beneath it, so it definitely meets the WAF!
August 15, 2016
Originally posted at
Excellent sound
Absolutely the best speaker! The sound is amazing! Turn the volume all the way up and the sound is clear and crisp without sacrifice. This is the definition of a quality speaker. Thanks Denon for a great product.
August 4, 2016
Originally posted at
Great sound, great looks, great user experience
I have been using my HEOS 7 speaker for a few weeks and I am impressed - not just with the sound quality, but also the simplicity of the app. The sound is amazing! The speaker sounds great in low volume as well as high volume. The HEOS 7 sound quality isn't particular to a type of music; the HEOS 7 is able to handle the heavy bass in dance and hiphop music as well as the lighter treble in classical. Even podcasts sound great on the HEOS!

The app is also very intuitive and easy to use. And it is set up to funnel all of my music sources (both streaming and static).

I went ahead and bought two more speakers for my in-laws.
August 11, 2016
Originally posted at
Great Sound let down by an awful app.
The sound quality is excellent, the system is easy to set up but once you start talking about the app not the hardware the story changes.

The App feels unfinished and clunky to use, the queuing is poor across multiple devices and the playlist creation is very unintuitive.

All the faults are in the app though and apps will be updated (hopefully quickly). This system has the potential to be awesome but at the moment lags behind Sonos in overall uability.
September 11, 2016
Originally posted at
Easy Path to Big Sound
I went from opening the box to room-filling sound in less than 10 minutes. This speaker is by far better than all other wireless speakers I have owned. The set-up was easy and the HEOS app is a cinch to work.
August 14, 2016
Originally posted at
Quality Sound - Solid Purchase
Overall happy with the purchase - I bought this when it went on sale for $399 which is the right pricepoint for this level of speaker. Its a good compliment to my X4300H receiver to bring the same music into my kitchen, living room, and patio at the same time. Setup isn't as seamless as it could be and it randomly dropped its wireless configuration a couple of times after we lost power and wireless network in the house. Mobile app is OK but would like to see search functionality for the Amazon Music input.
March 29, 2017
Originally posted at
Beautiful design, Incredible sound. I Love them.
These HEOS 7 series 2's are EXCELLENT! I am really happy with them.
April 9, 2018
2 months ago
October 17, 2017
Originally posted at


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