Definitive Technology SuperCube 4000 High Performance Powered Subwoofer - Each (Black)

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SuperCube 4000 High Performance Powered Subwoofer - Each (Black)
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Definitive Technology SuperCube 4000 High Performance Powered Subwoofer

If you want all the high impact bass excitement of the finest home theater audio systems without consuming a large amount of floor-space, and if you want the latest features and wireless connectivity, then this is the subwoofer for you. The SuperCube 4000 (along with the SuperCube 6000) is in the famed SuperCube Series and incorporates the latest digital technologies for bass performance that will leave you slack-jawed in amazement and delight. Definitive's engineers redesigned every part for maximum performance and added convenience and connectivity features that make them easy to use, versatile and perfectly tailored to your system and room for heart-pounding bass that will not fail to astound your friends and neighbors.


Definitive Technology SuperCube 4000 Powered Subwoofer Features:

  • Huge bass from a compact enclosure (12-7/8" x 12" x 13")
  • 56 bit Digital Signal Processor preamp stage
  • All-new 1200 Watt digital tracking power amplifier
  • Wireless connectivity (with purchase of optional wireless kit)
  • Performance Optimizer Remote control for convenient and precise system tweaking
  • High gloss lacquer finish complements any decor
  • Quick, tight accuracy for full music enjoyment
  • Explosive bass response for movies
  • Disappearing alpha-numeric display


Definitive Technology SuperCube 4000 Powered Subwoofer Features:

Features in the Service of Performance

  • The most obvious departures from previous SuperCube models are the addition of a digital display (cleverly hidden under the grille cloth) and a wireless remote. They're much more than a light show for the easily amused; they're serious performance optimizing tools for perfectly blending the subwoofer to your system and room and correcting for differences in program material.
  • In an ideal audio system the subwoofer works "invisibly," simply adding deep, loud bass without calling attention to itselfblending seamlessly with the main speakers. The key to seamless main speaker/sub blending is finding the perfect crossover frequency, equalization and phase settings for your system and room. And the best place to make those "set and forget" adjustments is from your listening chair via a wireless remote. For everyday use the remote makes it easy to set just the right amount of bass output to compensate for program material differences. As you make settings adjustments, the hidden display lights up to indicate the setting value and then turns off a few seconds later. You'll get exactly the bass performance you want, effortlessly at the touch of a button.

Digital Tracking Amplifier for Clean High Output

  • The SC4000 features a designed-from-the-ground-up brawny digital tracking amplifier that is optimized for real world power demands to deliver low distortion and high output. As well as producing high continuous power to cleanly reproduce sustained bass, this all-new Definitive amp has a high crest factor to deliver considerably higher power during short, transient peaks such as bass drum kicks and on-screen artillery blasts. You'll enjoy high volume, high impact, and low distortion bass from your favorite action/adventure films and TV shows without sacrificing the smooth response and quick precision needed for music.As well as being powerful, the new Definitive amps are environment-friendly. The amplifiers go into idle mode after less than 30 minutes after the cessation of signal. When in idle mode the amp draws a mere half Watt or less of current, meeting international standards for low energy consumption.

Computers in the Subwoofer Exert Precise Control

  • The SuperCube 4000 has an integrated 56 bit Digital Signal Processor (DSP)in essence a mini computer that extends and improves the bass response. Multi-band digital protection systems tightly monitor and control the woofer system to prevent distortion and woofer damage at ultra-high volume levels with a minimum of audible artifacts. In contrast to simpler one-band compression/limiting circuits used in competing subwoofer amp designs, the Definitive subs feature a Multiband Dynamic Range Optimizer (M-DRO) that divides the frequency range into multiple bands. If the DSP detects an overdrive condition in the upper bass range, it applies just the right amount of compression and to prevent distortion to just that range without compressing the low bass, thereby vastly reducing the audible compression artifacts. The bottom line is that SuperCube bass is always tight, highly detailed and distortion free.

Rock Solid Cabinets Ensure Pure Low Distortion Response

  • The cabinet of a loudspeaker plays a large part in its sonic performance. Resonance and vibration can add unwanted distortion as well as drain away important acoustical energy from the system. Definitive's subwoofer enclosures have been specifically engineered to be totally inert and vibration free, to ensure you of absolutely pure sonic reproduction. The front and rear panels are nearly 2-inches thick and the cabinet incorporates multiple internal braces to ensure total solidity. To top off the extraordinary performance, the SuperCube 4000 is finished in gorgeous piano-gloss black.

High-Definition Subwoofer Drivers Deliver Superior Detail and Lightning-Fast Transient Response

  • The powerful, high-definition drivers used in the new SuperCubes were specifically engineered for their task: to deliver rock-solid low distortion bass, reaching down to the lowest frequencies, with an outstanding quality of superior transient response ("tightness"). The special ultra-stiff cones are joined to specially formulated surrounds and long-throw voice coils and spiders. The incredibly rigid cast Aluminum baskets are engineered to hold the massive magnet structures and large voice coils in absolute alignment. The high temperature voice coils are made of aluminum wound with triple insulated ultra-pure copper wire and baked in epoxy for superior power handling and reliability.
  • The SuperCube 4000 features an 8-inch (20cm) subwoofer driver pressure coupled to two 8-inch (20cm) Ultra Low Bass Radiators. The total piston area is greater than a 12-inch diameter woofer but with far greater speed, musicality and control than a single large diameter woofer could ever deliverand it all fits in an impossibly tiny enclosure that is easy to tuck away out of sight. The SuperCube 4000 can fill most domestic spaces with loud, visceral, extended and musical bass yet it occupies less than a square foot of floor space!

A of Inputs Facilitates Easy Hookup to Any System

  • The SuperCube 4000 can connect to any audio system via your choice of single cable LFE, stereo line level and speaker wire level inputs. Or you can choose to go wireless with the optional wireless connectivity kit for the ultimate in connection convenience.


Definitive Technology SuperCube 4000 Powered Subwoofer Specifications:

Driver Complement


  • Quantity: 1
  • Diameter: 8" (20.32cm)
  • Type: High Excursion Active Subwoofer Driver

Bass Radiator:

  • Quantity: 2
  • Diameter: 8" (20.32cm)
  • Type: Planar Low Bass Radiator



  • Alpha Numeric Display: Disappearing

Remote Control:

  • IR Control: Performance Optimizer Remote (Included with Subwoofer)
  • Functionality: Volume; Mute; Low Pass Filter; Night Mode; Phase; EQ; Display

Digital Signal Processing:

  • 56 bit DSP: User Selectable

Digital Crossover:

  • Low Pass Filter: 40 - 150 Hz, variable in 5 Hz increments
  • Low Pass Filter Slope: 12 dB per Octave

Digital Phase Control:

  • Phase Settings: 0, 90, 180, 270 or 360 degrees


Audio Inputs:

  • LFE input: 1 (RCA)
  • Speaker Level: 2 Pair (Speaker Cable)
  • Stereo Line Level: 2 (RCA)

Total Frequency Response:

  • Overall: 16 Hz - 200 Hz


Internal Amplifier:

  • Power: 1200 watts
  • Channels: 1
  • Type: Class HD

Protection Circuitry:

  • Primary: Multiband Dynamic Range Optimizer (M-DRO)
  • Secondary: Thermal Overload Sensor

Power Cycle:

  • US: Auto On/Off: Signal Sensitive (defeatable)
  • International: Auto On/Off: Signal Sensitive (defeatable)

Power Requirements:

  • US: 110 volts A/C
  • International: 220 volts A/C


  • US: 6.2 amp 250 volt Slo Blo
  • International: 4 amp 250 volt Slo Blo amp 250 volt Slo Blo


Cabinet Dimensions:

  • Height: 11 7/8" (30.16cm)
  • Width: 11" (27.94cm)
  • Depth: 12" (30.48cm)
  • Depth with Wireless Module: 13" (33.02cm)


Customer Reviews for Definitive Technology SuperCube 4000 High Performance Powered Subwoofer - Each (Black)

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loud, low, and pretty are the first words that come to mind when describing this sub. my recommendation is buy this product and keep it in the open to show off. one last thing I think is important. dont let the size fool you. IMO these should be paired with a good set of tower speakers and given room to breath. this is no bedroom sub. if you want to pair with bookshelf or cubes go with the sc 2000. have fun!
January 6, 2012
Originally posted at
Definitive Technology
Amazing, Excellent, and so much more..
I had a Super Cube 3 and upgraded to this sub, I had to retune my entire theater, (which it was about time to do) and when I was done I wanted to watch all my movies again as I herd sound and things that I had never heard before. I was like this sub brought new life to a sleeping theater. This truly was an amazing upgrade and the remote is great, especially when you want to make an on the fly change to the sound. A+++ Definitive, you did have proven yourselves again, and without breaking my wallet.
January 31, 2014
Originally posted at
Definitive Technology
simply the best in class
I Just bought an SC4000 sub to replace an old Mirage sub that I have owned since 1993. In terms of output it is equal to any 12inch sub out there. However, the SC4000 shines in bass definition and musicality. I think it is the best subwoofer out on the market at this price point. Also a big thanks to customer support for giving me tremendous insight on setting it up. Furthermore thank you Definitive for send out some new Socks For my 1997 DP10s they look new again! If someone is on the market for a new sub I recommend checking Definitive out!
December 1, 2016
Originally posted at
Definitive Technology
Great subwoofer for home theater and music systems
Purchased at the end of January 2017, the Super Cube 4000 has completed its break-in period and the bass sounds very tight and deep. I have the unit set at about half volume with the equalizer set to OFF, which sounds the most natural for my tastes. I mostly watch HD movies and TV shows on my Sony 55” KDLHX800 flat screen. I also listen to digital music streamed from my computer and off the internet. Occasionally I watch movies on DVD.
This new unit replaced a ten-year-old ACI Force subwoofer with a 10” driver and a 250Wrms analogue amplifier. The Super Cube 4000, with its 8” active driver, 2x 8” passive resonators and 1200-watt digital amplifier provides more than sufficient controlled bass output for my home theater system. My living room with connected dining area is approximately 15’ x 25’ x 8”. I use a Yamaha RX-A2040 home theater receiver to deliver the LFE signal to the subwoofer and the incorporated YPAO automatic speaker setup program to integrate the subwoofer with my main Magnepan MG-12 planar speakers.
The Super Cube 4000 more than meets my needs, seamlessly blends with my other speakers. It may not provide the thunder clap of a 12” or larger unit, but it does provide very realistic and extended bass at normal listening levels and for those elevated movie soundtracks. Its small footprint also allows it to be placed in the best location without being intrusive. Highly recommended!
April 17, 2017
Originally posted at
Definitive Technology
Def Tech Does it Again - QUALITY!
This is my first true sub-woofer purchase. Have had subwoofers as part of 5.1 systems, but nothing like this. Def Tech has done it again. The SC 4000 is perfect -- exactly what I was looking for to compliment a pair of fine tower speakers that have excellent midrange and detailed high end, but the low end was lacking a bit due to the narrow construction of the cabinets. At first I was skeptical of the remote -- seemed a bit gimmicky, but it is so wonderful to sit back and be able to make little adjustments on the fly. The sound is pure, tight and true, with lots of adjustments to dial in the desired effect. No ridiculous whompf whompf. I adjusted the settings to a subtle layer of low end needed to finish out my 2-channel music system. Happy to say my quest for the perfect system is now complete and the sound is perfect! (Or at least perfect for my budget). The EQ adjustment is nice. Going from classical to rock-n-roll I did indeed find it useful to switch the EQ level to another setting. Still not sure what EQ is, but it works! The price was great. The cube itself is compact and gorgeous in the piano black. My wife simply can not complain. :-) Everything about it speaks of quality, which is typical of Def Tech. I have owned several speakers and speaker sets from DT and they only know one way -- quality. Thank you Def Tech. Audiophiles like me salute you! Highly recommended.
November 18, 2016
Originally posted at
Definitive Technology
Supercube 4000
This is a great piece of engineering. My room size is 32 x 24. If you take the time to setup and calibrate your system you will not be disappointed. Awesome lows and will perform with the best of them.
May 30, 2016
Originally posted at
Definitive Technology
Excellent Sub
Couldn't be happier with the performance, features and price. I have a fairly expansive LR, DR and kitchen all under the same vaulted roof. I was worried the SC-4000 might not be able to fill it up, but was pleasantly surprised that it had absolutely no problem with deep, rich, full bass. It'll blend when you want it to, and with the 4 EQ settings, you can overpower the room with full theater sound.

Thanks Definitive for a great, affordable high-end equipment.
December 13, 2015
Originally posted at
Definitive Technology


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