Creopop Cordless 3D Printing Pen with Three Ink Cartridges

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Product Information

If you can write with a pen, you can draw in 3D! Introducing CreoPop, the first wireless 3D printing pen with cool inks. Unlike other 3D printing pens that use hot, melted plastic and stay plugged into the wall, CreoPop untethers your creative mind. CreoPop’s rechargeable lithium-ion battery lets you draw for hours on a single charge (or plug in when you run out of juice) while using cool-to-the touch photopolymer inks that cure using built-in LED lights. With a wide variety of inks, in various color and material attributes (aromatic, temperature sensitive, glow-in-the-dark, glittering) let your imagination loose – create amazing 3D building, ornaments, crafts for the kids, free hand prototyping, and more; CreoPop is changing the way you create!

CreoPop Features

  • Cordless creation - rechargeable lithium ion battery lets you draw for hours, no cords to hold you back!
  • Cool-to-the-touch - LED light "magically" hardens our inks and is cool to the touch - no hot parts and no accidental burns make it great for kids and adults alike
  • Unique Inks, not Plastic - proprietary photopolymer inks harden using LED lights and incorporate material properties not available through ABS or PLA (glow in the dark, temperature sensitive, glittering and aromatic)
  • Non-toxic - our LED-hardened photopolymers are non-toxic and don’t burn, meaning no unpleasant, poisonous smells
  • Multiple colors - change colors mid creation, our links are easily changed allowing for endless creation
  • includes CreoPop 3D pen, 3 pack of inks (red, orange, cyan), USB charging cable, drawing mat, quick-start guide, instruction manual

What's in the Box

What's in the Box

  • Creopop Pen
  • 3 ink cartridges (red, orange, cyan)
  • Mini-USB charging cable
  • Instruction manual