Bose Solo TV Sound System (Black)

Model: 347205-1300 UPC: 017817572408 Item: 161808

Product Information

Every TV show you watch has a world of sound within, but you may not be hearing it. That’s because most flat-panel TVs have speakers that simply can’t reproduce the depth and detail of all that sound, so it remains trapped inside. To solve that problem, Bose® developed the Solo TV sound system. It reveals so much more of the sound you’re meant to hear, watching TV can feel like an entirely different experience.

No matter how many times you’ve seen your favorite shows, you can hear details you never noticed before. Subtle sound effects. The crisp, clear vocal that steals the spotlight in your favorite talent show. Deep, low notes in a musical score that enhance the mood.

Proprietary digital signal processing delivers more of the dialogue, music and sound effects you’ve been missing – clearly and naturally. So you won’t have to turn up the volume to hear it all. And Bose speaker array technology produces wide, even sound throughout the room.

For most 32″ TVs, and many up to 40-42”, the Bose Solo TV sound system fits neatly under your TV and is simple to set up, with just one connection to your TV and one plug to the wall. It comes with a convenient remote control and works with most universal remotes, too. One listen, and you’ll realize there’s more sound in your TV shows than you ever imagined.

  • Experience the TV sound Bose® technology makes possible – more dialogue, sound effects and music.
  • Proprietary digital signal processing levels out the sound, allowing you to clearly hear detail that ranges from explosions to whispers.
  • Speaker array technology delivers deep, rich sound, spread evenly throughout the room.
  • One unobtrusive speaker fits neatly under your TV for most 32TVs, and many up to 40-42”, and requires no additional equipment.
  • Sets up with one connection to the TV and one plug to the wall.
  • Easy to use with slim remote control or with most universal remotes.

The Bose® Solo TV sound system is designed for TVs with bases that are no wider than 20and no deeper than 10.25. Most TVs up to 32and many 40– 42TVs meet these requirements.