Bose QC20 QuietComfort 20 Acoustic Noise-Canceling In-Ear Headphones for Samsung/Android (Black)

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In-ear headphones receive the upgrade they deserve with Bose's QuietComfort 20 Acoustic Noise Cancelling In-Ear Headphones. Using Bose's patented noise-cancelling technology, mixed with their StayHear+ securely-fitted tips, you can finally block out the hustle and bustle of the world while keeping your music quality strong. And it features an Android in-line microphone and remote, which gives you the ease of controlling your music-listening and call-taking experience.

Bose QuietComfort 20 Headphones Features:

  • Active noise cancellation to block out crowds, motors, and other environments
  • Listen to your favorite songs and catch details you've never noticed before
  • StayHear+ tips ensure comfort and block out noise
  • Use the in-line microphone to take calls while you're on the go
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QC20 QuietComfort 20 Acoustic Noise-Canceling In-Ear Headphones for Samsung/Android (Black)
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Product Information

Shut out the world and lose yourself in your music—or let the world in. It’s your choice with the first in-ear noise cancelling headphones from Bose. The QuietComfort 20 Acoustic Noise Cancelling headphones let you enjoy better sound every day, everywhere you go. Turn on noise cancelling to reduce surrounding distractions and focus on your music. Or, at the touch of a button, activate Aware mode to hear what’s happening around you. Proprietary StayHear+ tips provide a soft, secure fit. The inline microphone and remote let you switch easily to calls and control of certain functions. Choose either the QC20 Apple device model or the QC20 Samsung and Android model to use with your respective device.

These headphones are designed for Samsung and Android devices. 


Bose QC20 QuietComfort 20 Acoustic In-Ear Headphones Highlights:

  • Bose noise cancelling technology, shut out the world and focus on your music
  • Aware mode to hear what’s around you at the press of a button
  • Deep, clear sound from the Active EQ and TriPort technology
  • Soft, and secure for hours of listening from proprietary StayHear+ ear tips


Bose QC20 QuietComfort 20 Acoustic In-Ear Headphones Features:

Lose yourself in your music

  • Bose QC20 headphones let you experience music on the go as never before. You'll enjoy lifelike, digital sound quality that stands out from the noise around you—plus the freedom of an in-ear headphone. StayHear+ tips physically block some noise while our Acoustic Noise Cancelling technology electronically reduces most of what's left. It's just you and your music, even in noisy environments.

Tune in to your environment

  • But there are moments when you may not want to be so cut off from your surroundings. Crossing a city street. Waiting for airline gate announcements. This is where Aware mode comes in. Instead of removing your headphones, just press a button, and you're back in touch with the sounds around you—while your music keeps playing, and you still experience some noise cancellation.

Engaging sound

  • All this, plus Bose lifelike sound. Sound you wouldn't expect from in-ear headphones. Their TriPort technology and Active EQ combine to give your music a depth and balance that keep your daily soundtrack fresh and alive. The subtle details shine through, too. So wherever you are, your music's front and center.

Advanced ear tip technology

  • And your music's even easier to enjoy when you're not fussing with your headphones. Proprietary StayHear+ tips create a soft, secure fit with no need to force them into your ears. The cone shape spreads contact evenly across the ear for maximum comfort, and forms a gentle seal that contributes to the headphones' full-spectrum noise reduction.

You're in control

  • Controls are all at your fingertips. Use the slider switch on the control module to turn noise cancelling on and off. The inline microphone/remote houses Aware mode and call answer/end buttons. The 4-button remote, provides volume and music control plus access to voice-recognition apps, like Siri or Google search.

Rechargeable battery

  • The lithium-ion battery (located inside the module) charges in just 2 hours with the included USB cable, and delivers up to 16 hours playing time per charge. A battery indicator light displays power status. And, even if the battery dies your music still plays with performance equal to that of our regular in-ear headphones.
  • When not in use, simply store your headphones and cables in the included carrying case.


Bose QC20 QuietComfort 20 Acoustic In-Ear Headphones Specifications:

  • QC20 headphones — Samsung devices (Including cable and StayHear+ tips): 52" L (1.55 oz)
  • StayHear+ tips: 1.25" H x 1" W x 0.5" D
  • USB cable: 12" L
  • Clothing clip: 1" H x 0.25" W x 0.5" D
  • Control module: 3.5" H x 1.25" W x 0.375" D
  • Case: 1" H x 5.5" W x 3.1" D
  • Charging time: 2 hours
  • Battery life: 16 hours per full charge


Customer Reviews for Bose QC20 QuietComfort 20 Acoustic Noise-Canceling In-Ear Headphones for Samsung/Android (Black)

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Great wire
I bought these the very first day they were available a little over two years ago. I've traveled to over about a dozen countries, and almost every US state, taken over 200 flights, use them daily in my commute to work, and while mowing the lawn weekly. There's not a single thing wrong with them, and they look brand new. Apparently mine are 'special'.
August 4, 2015
Originally posted at
Bought this in 2014 & still rocking it. Durable & superb. Using it as earplug in noisy areas in my workplace.
October 29, 2016
Originally posted at
Saved me from loud neighbors/airplane noise
I live in an old condo with little sound insulation, and I travel a lot. I can sleep in these headphones at home and on planes, and even wear them in aircraft lavs--that loud sucking noise is so loud and awful. I have the over-ear Bose headphones as well, and was surprised at the great performance of these tiny miracle earbuds. Do not hesitate to purchase. This $300 set is saving me tens of thousands of dollars in home sound insulation. And valuable carryon space! Sleep well!
July 7, 2016
Originally posted at
The best Earbuds I have ever used
First, to address claims of poor cable quality please view my photos putting the earbud cables side by side with a premium android charging cable (LG V10 cable). These headphones have one of the most durable cables I have ever seen, and rightfully so, they cost $300... - Sound Quality, I'm an audiophile. DO NOT buy these earbuds for the sound quality, they are good, but there is some quality to be desired. That said, the noise cancellation of these earbuds allows you to hear the finer details of music, even at low volumes, even in a bus or train. The battery is also used as an internal amplifier bringing you louder and more vivid music. - Comfort, Bose earbuds with their patented design are the most comfortable earbuds in the industry. They feel lose in your ears (I sometimes forget im wearing them), but they never fall out EVER. these are so comfortable I have worn them to sleep, especially with the noise cancellation. All in all, these earbuds are so so so expensive, and if you want the best sounding earbuds that let you rock out, these aren't it. But if you'd rather turn off all that background noise of vehicle engines, jet turbines, buzzing of fans, chit chat of the restaurant and create your own music sanctuary, these are for you. The sacrifice of high quality was not in vain, it was to isolate you and the music from the world around you.
March 6, 2016
Originally posted at
Silence is golden!
Finally! A pair of earphones that stay in my ears and have great sound, oh, and not to mention they are extremely comfortable for long hours. When working out, cleaning, working or simply relaxing I don’t have to constantly adjust them; no ear aches either. The noise cancellation is very good with extremely good battery life! I went for a few runs outside during prime traffic hours (don’t worry the sidewalk and highway are separated by trees, so I don’t have to be on high alert.). Five minutes into my run I turned on noise cancellation and was amazed how the busy world around me came to an abrupt end. Noise cancellation really focuses you into whatever task you’re doing. It’s just you, your music and your task. I even enjoyed noise cancellation without the music, despite the slight hiss you hear when music isn’t playing. Noise cancellation is so enjoyable I now can’t go to work without these earphones. Sometimes at work I sit right next to a portable A/C unit so all day I hear constant blowing. I never realized I heard that blowing until I shut on noise cancellation and voila, it was gone. Now everything isn’t perfect with these earphones. My only complaint is the battery unit. It tends to get in the way. Especially, when taking your phone in and out of your pocket. My fear is that with time the battery and cord will develop a shortage from the constant pulling and bending you take it through. Also, when I put my phone into my workout sleeve I have to take an extra few minutes to organize my phone and battery into the sleeve. This gives me the impression that Bose didn’t design these earphones for a lot of moving activity. You may want to consider an alternative if you’re really active and sweat a lot. If you don’t mind the being a little careful then you should be ok. Overall, I highly recommend these earphones. I don’t find them to be overhyped even with the steep pricing point. You definitely get what you pay for! P.S. Just as I was about to hit 'enter' and then my earphones started to have shortage.
October 4, 2016
Originally posted at
bought on spot
i was staffing camp when a buddy had some. he let e try them. i listened to then, thought they were great. he then turned the voice canceling on. listened to the a total of like 3 minute. went online and bought some.
December 6, 2015
Originally posted at
our apartment shares a wall with a rental hall
this product is the reason i sleep at night. i don't hear the THUMP, THUMP, THUMP..... i put these and abosulute silence.... just flip that button and ..........
March 5, 2017
Originally posted at
I am Happy with QC20 thanks Bose. Just the cable length can be longer between connection jack and control device on cable.
December 25, 2015
Originally posted at
Super portable, superb noise cancelling earbuds
I purchased these primarily for air travel. I don't only fly on the normal airline aircraft, some of which can be very noisy themselves, but also regularly fly on military aircraft (such as the C-17 Globemaster III and the LC-130 Hercules). While the technology to completely muffle/eliminate these beasts' engines noise isn't available, the Bose QC20 earbuds make the experience much nicer (and healthier). In the past, I either had to use in-ear plugs and forego listening to music or movies, or use regular earbuds and wear over-the-ear hearing protection - neither of which was ideal. The batteries last long enough for pretty much any trip - and can be quickly recharged from any USB power source. I carry a portable USB charger to top off my phone, tablet, headphones, etc. If I had one complaint, it would be that the airline headphone adapter is a separate purchase - for the price of this device, that should be an included accessory. Another non-complaint suggestion is regarding the location of the "brick" that holds the electronics - it's at the plug end of the cord, with a very short cord leading to the headphone plug. Having this closer to where the wires split to go to each 'bud would make the experience more comfortable. All of this being said, I would purchase these again without hesitation. I recommend them to all of my friends and colleagues, and I'm about to purchase another set for my girlfriend to use while traveling the same routes I do.
February 23, 2016
Originally posted at
The Best Headphones EVER!!! ???
I received these as a gift from a customer whom I helped lose 60 pounds. She knows I love to listen to music when I run or work-out in a noisy gym. These are surround sound and when used correctly, they cancel out everything. I am in my own world when I have these on
June 18, 2016
Originally posted at


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