Bose Lifestyle 600 Home Entertainment System

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Product Information

Perfection Means Everything

Beauty's in the eye (and the ear) of the beholder. So Bose has designed their Lifestyle 600 Home Entertainment System to be beautiful in every way.

Acoustics. Aesthetics. Craftsmanship. Simplicity.

Bring your entertainment to life with a powerful, wireless bass module, four compact satellite speakers (including rear wireless surrounds), a wider center channel speaker, and a premium glass-top control console.

Love music? Then you'll love SoundTouch, built in for Internet radio, music services like Spotify and Amazon Music, and your own stored music collection. See - and hear - for yourself why this is the most uncompromising 5-speaker home theater system Bose has ever made.

Thunderous Bass; Wireless Connectivity

Of course you want that resounding bass performance for movies and music. but you don't want a monstrous piece of equipment to enable it. With its premium glass-top finish, the wireless Acoustimass module delivers on sound and style. A powerful driver and QuietPort technology combine for best-in-class performance for its size.

Statements in Elegance

The polished glass curvature of the console has a singular style you can't ignore. But it's more than just good looks. The console houses all your technological needs: Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity for wireless music streaming, 4K video compatibility, 6 HDMI inputs, and more. And it's all controlled via universal remote.

Less Effort; More Music

With the Lifestyle 600 Home Entertainment System, Bose has put a lot of thought into taking the thinking out. There may be the premium home theater performance viewers love for movies, TV, and sports, but when it comes to enjoying music, they should be able to listen to whatever they want without worrying about which technology is best. This system lets you play music directly from a phone or tablet using Bluetooth, or connect the system to your Wi-Fi network for instant in-home listening.

SoundTouch App

SoundTouch, a key benefit to this Lifestyle system, is made to grow with you. Once you have one SoundTouch system, you can add more at any time. They all work together, so as you go room to room, your music goes along with you. The free SoundTouch app gives you greater control of your Lifestyle system from a smartphone or tablet. Start streaming instantly, or use the app to personalize the presets to your favorite music and stations. You can also use the universal remote's SoundTouch LED to see what songs you're listening to at any time.

Engineered to Keep It Simple

Unify technology walks you through system setup with guided onscreen messages for foolproof connectivity to your sources. Worried how it will all sound in your room? Don't be. ADAPTiQ audio calibration fine-tunes the sound specifically to your room and the things in it. So when you hear it, you hear it at its absolute best. The rear speakers and bass module even connect wirelessly for easier placement.




  • Rear panel of console
    • 1 HDMI output with Audio Return Channel (ARC)
    • 5 HDMI inputs
    • 2 optical digital audio connections
    • 2 coaxial digital audio connections
    • 2 analog L/R audio inputs
    • 1 3.5 mm connection for the Acoustimass module
    • 1 data port
    • 1 IR repeated port
    • 1 Ethernet port for SoundTouch and software updates via network
    • 1 USB connection for software updates only
  • Front panel of console
    • 1 HDMI input
    • 1 3.5 mm jack for ADAPTiQ system and headphones
    • 1 power button
    • 1 source button
    • 1 system setup button


  • Console
    • 15.98" W x 10.16" H x 2.56" D
  • Jewel cube speakers (each)
    • 2.6" W x 6.2" H x 2.6" D
    • 1 pound
  • Jewel cube center speaker
    • 6.1" W x 2.7" H x 2.6" D
    • 1.04 pounds
  • Acoustimass wireless bass module
    • 12" W x 15" H x 12" D
    • 30 pounds
  • Power cord with adapter
    • 6.54" W x 1.6" H x 3.07" D
    • 9.8 ounces

Additional Details

Supported Audio Formats

  • Dolby Digital
  • Dolby Digital Plus
  • Dolby TrueHD
  • DTS
  • Multichannel PCM

Video Source Compatibility

  • Support for six 4K/60 video sources (HDMI 2.0/HDCP 2.2)

What's in the Box

What's in the Box:

  • Console
  • 4 Jewel cube speakers
  • Jewel cube center speaker
  • Acoustimass wireless bass module
  • Universal remote control
  • Front speaker cable
  • 2 rear speaker cables
  • 5 AC-2 adapters
  • 2 wireless receivers
  • ADAPTiQ headset
  • IR emitter
  • HDMI cable
  • 4 AA batteries
  • Console power supply
  • 4 power cords
  • Screwdriver
  • Owner's guide



Customer Reviews for Bose Lifestyle 600 Home Entertainment System

4.4 / 5.0
16 Reviews
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Previous old Lifestyle replacement
I got a great deal on a new lifestyle system and glad I did. Sounds exceptional, very innovative with cell phone functionality, and love the ability to set up to my TV and Pandora
December 23, 2016
Originally posted at
Great sound from a sleek and updated platform
I purchased the Lifestlye 650 a couple of weeks ago and am very pleased with the overall performance. I've been looking for a modern design that blends well with the room and Bose sure delivered on this product.
The wireless surround speakers were a major selling point as my wife was not crazy with the idea of speaker wires running anywhere. Our home is an older home that doesn't present in-wall wiring options for the rears in the theater room. The new OmniJewel satellite speakers are well designed and good looking.
4K pass through and a great number of HDMI connections sure made this hard to pass up. My wife was even more please I wasn't going to install another oversized, ugly receiver in the house. Unfortunately she has tolerated her share of unique looking pieces of tech hardware over the years and was finally pleased to see something that had great lines. To my surprise she didn't balk at the price when she saw and heard the demo unit.
It was the easiest sell I've ever had when negotiating with my Dearest.
The sound for my setup was more than I need. It could easily fill a room twice the size with sound to spare.
The setup could be a bit daunting since the unit is packed in a rather large box. However once you identify and separate the components the rest is a breeze. I got ahead of myself by plugging things in in the sequence I had been accustomed to in other setups. It was unnecessary as the best guide is not in the provided printed material, but instead via the onscreen setup guide once the unit is connected to a TV and turned on.
The manual is not your typical, "1st step, 2nd, 3rd and so forth," but merely a general guide on the different components. Once the unit came alive it walked you through every connection at a comfortable pace. You are in control and it did not proceed to the next component without your approval. Best on screen set up guide I've ever experienced. Usually a step is missed but not with this system. As mentioned before, I was a little ahead and already had the different speakers all connected.
The remote is very intuitive and was able to accept and control all my existing devices. I did not expect it to control my older 73" DLP TV but it did. It will soon be replaced with a 4K set, so I am not able to comment on that pass through feature yet. Other devices connected were, Bluray player, Apple TV, DIRECTV, and even my outdated HD-DVD player. It even had the codes for it!
The system is connected to my home network and Soundtouch app is useful. We all have our preferences, and improvements could be made to the app's interface, but it works. I am ordering additional Soundtouch capable speakers to listen to and control audio throughout the rest of the house. Though used primarily for home theater, the music capabilities are nice features. I even plugged a USB drive into my Router and enabled the DLNA server function and was browsing through and playing music over the speakers. What a treat for completing honey dos when the time comes. I have not used the Bluetooth capabilities yet.
Overall a very satisfied Bose customer now. I was leaning toward a much different setup and was pleased with this spontaneous purchase. You must see it and listen to it firsthand if given the opportunity.
November 22, 2016
Originally posted at
Recently Purchased a New Lifestyle 650 system going from my Lifestyle;le V35..
and what a mistake !
Setting Up :
Firstly there are way too many little boxes in the main System box and it is very confusing.
Connecting the console to power and television the system did not want to connect with the remote ... there was a Black screen for quite some time and the instructions are no help.
Finally after a few re-connetcs of the power cable the remote paired.
The "new user interface " is such a step back from what i expected ... this day and age the software should be much better ..... i'm sure one of the 400 R&D Staff a Bose could design something much better. \
SoundTouch interface is rubbish -- no navigation with the remote and i have to use my iPhone to access my music services.
the Remote itself is buggy ... it double jumps on when navigating menus
Also I don't like the fact that the IR has been taken off the remote to control TV
I has the control console in the cabinet so we need to put a stupid IR emitter on the TV and it looks ugly

Sub woofer also drops off when working wirelessly ... grrr

After a week with the system i'd just like to say ...Not Good Enough Bose !!!

Anyway I will be selling this 650 system on eBay ... and reinstalling the my old V35

"Perfection means everything. So we compromised on nothing" ... yeah right !
November 10, 2016
Originally posted at
Awesome sound and Design
what do you expect from bose!? of course awesome sounds and design!
September 14, 2016
Originally posted at
This is so awesome, my old speaker were big and these speakers are so small and sound incredible, I love it could not be happier
May 24, 2017
Originally posted at
Very impressed
I bought the 650 sight unseen - and unheard - from a web shop. The setup took the better part of an evening, I've hardly seen such intricate packaging. Cardboard origami. A neat little separate box for every single piece, weird, but maybe this is because Bose is going to sell the pieces in various configurations - 5:1, 2:1, etc. In any case, I move frequently because of work, so I reassembled the empty boxes for using again - handy.

I could not resist unboxing everything before starting the setup. The "display" pieces are beautifully designed. Really, really pretty, I can't really explain how carefully engineered and solid this stuff feels - every single one of the seven main pieces.

But... I bought a white system, and if I'd had the Bose guys on hand, who decided to pack this stuff with four black power cables and three gigantic black wireless receivers/power converters, I'd have pelted them with rotten fruit, if I'd also had rotten fruit. The wireless boxes for the jewel speakers are twice the size of the speakers. And black. Not so cool... Now I need to shop white power cables separately and hide those converters under something. A nitpick, but all the other cables are white - all 300' of them or thereabouts - so this is just a silly oversight.

So, three things to fix here: Pack the wireless receivers into a speaker "foot", combine the power converter into the console, and if you're shipping a white system, do it properly. Everything else feels sans compromise, including the price, and these details would be easy to get right.

Did I adequately get across how annoyed I was over those extra pieces and black cables? Good :)

The actual setup is incredibly easy. There is a big glossy paper sheet at the top of the box showing exactly how to get started. Follow that precisely and the rest of the instructions will be on the TV screen.

I instead "opted" for the different approach of throwing aside the glossy sheet because it was in the way when I wanted to unpack all the toys. Then I forgot all about it, and by the time I had connected everything and wanted the instructions, I instead wound up looking at the user guide. That comes in about 18 languages and you don't want to drop it on your foot, and it is completely useless during setup... So, get the glossy sheet in front, follow the instructions, and then this is really smooth.

That's how I wound up doing it in the end, with one exception - the on-screen instructions explicitly direct you to unplug whatever is hooked up to the TV and plug it into the Bose console instead. I tried that but I like the other way much better - the XBox and Apple TV are connected to the TV, and the Bose system only does sound, using the HDMI ARC connection.

This way everything works perfectly - including AirPlay, which goes to the Apple TV. I've stuck the Bose remote somewhere out of sight, I haven't even tried the SoundTouch app, the TV (new-ish Samsung unit) is in charge, but hey, do I have excellent sound.

One last setup note is that the Adaptiq calibration trick is really nice, too - the speakers auto-calibrate based on where you like to sit, which the system discovers when you put on a funny headset with a really long cable, move to five different listening places, and click the remote when ready. The funny headset is only for setup.

What else. Sound? Excellent. Better than anything my ears can find fault with. Five stars, really. And the design. I'm nicking one star off the durability thingy because the console cable attachments stick too far out and it felt like I needed to be careful with that. I think those plugs should be inset under the bottom of the console. The console door also feels a little dinky compared with everything else - a tough comparison because the overall feel is so stellar.
November 19, 2016
Originally posted at
Amazing sound for such a compact system
I just purchased and installed the new Lifestyle 650 to replace my 2006 Lifestyle system as it had no HDMI connections making it difficult to sync all other components to the Bose remote. However, I was successful in connecting all components with the new Bose remote, which is a nice upgrade. While installation did take several hours, Bose made it easier through the TV prompts as it walked you through each step. Also, it verified and tested the connections of each speaker by sending a tone through them. I will admit, any installation has it challenges especially as technology changes. A glass of scotch along with music from my Bose Bluetooth speaker made if even easier.

After syncing my Verizon cable system and BluRay player, the TV worked immediately with only one problem. The sound wasn't what I expected. While it is not indicated in the manual or onscreen prompts (at least I didn't see it) it needed the optical cable that goes from the cable box to the Bose main unit. I went through SETUP and reconfigured the audio from HDMI to optical. The change was amazing as I now have a very rich surround sound effect. The systematic and efficient packaging (you will know what I mean when you see it) did include the optical cable.

Also, I learned from the dealer a clever way of dealing with the rear wireless speakers. Since my original cable was running through the ceiling with the speakers attached to the rear wall, I had no outlets that were conveniently located to connect to the wireless boxes/receivers for each speaker. So I located the boxes behind the main control center in my cabinet under the TV and spliced it to the old wire in the ceiling. The wires were identical or compatible as I know you they need to be. The Acoustimass speaker (woofer or bass unit) is wireless and sounds great.

It was helpful to read the manual on their website before purchasing the unit as it assisted me in planning my installation before purchasing the unit. One more point. Their support services are amazing as I recently had a bad speaker with my 10 year old system. They were able to find a replacement speaker that was an exactly match.

While I did shop around for other systems, I had no difficulty staying with Bose. We are very pleased with the Lifestyle 650 as their technology has dramatically changed over the last 10 years. Bluetooth is a nice addition that worked easily and flawlessly from my cell phone. The compact size blends in very nicely with the decor of our room. Don't be fooled by the size as they give an amazing theater experience. Go out and listen for yourself.
November 21, 2016
Originally posted at
Lifestyle 650
Finally Bose have have hit the nail right on the head with the lifestyle 650 system for a number of reasons, they have now matched superb build quality with their un-paralleled sound quality. The lifestyle 650 is the closest you will ever get to Dolby Atmos without all the speakers, the virtually invisible omnijewel 360deg surround speakers deliver superb clarity & crisp fresh vocals whilst still maintaining depth & keeping you fully submersed in the action.

The wireless bass enhancer & notice that I called it a bass enhancer rather than a typical sub-woofer delivers detailed low frequency response with all the boom required for big explosions, this is by far the most accurate bass enhancer that Bose have made to date, I have the 650 system in the white & silver aluminium finish & must say without a doubt it is the centre piece of my living room, sheer class.

Well done Bose you have done it again, now that you have finally produced the Art Couture of home cinema systems, please lets start seeing more high quality products with extremely high class finishes which resemble that of the Lifestyle 650.

I would highly recommend this system, without a doubt 5*****.
November 8, 2016
Originally posted at
Best lifestyle system (for right configuration)
The new omnijewel speakers are incredible. I love the sleek matte finish and glass top surfaces and this is a major upgrade from previous generations. I'm glad there was a choice between this and the previous type of speaker becuase placement matters. On this 650 model vs. the 600 there is a wider center speaker so that is a consideration for placement. The Bose soundtouch app and interface continues to be the most simplistic wifi speaker and I really enjoy the integration with Pandora and Spotify. The bass on this system is hands down the best I have heard compared to older acoustimass modules and 4k compatibility works well with a Samsung 4k Bluray and DirectTV box. The smaller boxes inside the main box were not as simple as previous models but being able to pull the subwoofer up and out of the bottom middle was a nice touch for the heaviest piece. in a very open space the system sound much clearer and has a much wider soundstage than any HTIB type system I have ever heard. You could for the same price build a larger system but it would not have the beautiful styling or simplicity in use. I would like to see some updates on the remote in the future and just received an email today about some new updates on the app which I have not yet done. Overall very impressive and sounds better than many Dolby Atmos HTIB systems I listened to without all the clutter. I have the older Soundtouch 30 II and Soundtouch portable and am curious as to what the app in future updates. Pros: great sound, clarity, bass, style, simple once set up Cons: remote could be better and inintial setup not fun
November 18, 2016
Originally posted at
love it
what can i say ? my frist bose srround sound sys. love it, i can hear everthing even a pin drop, cracking fire at the fire place,,thunder in lighting when it rain, travaling from one speaker to the next.some time its sound like someone is walking down the hall way, are making noise in the next room when its coming form the bose speaker...kind of creepy, but thats what you call clarity,of sound that i never thought...i would hear...
November 20, 2016
Originally posted at


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