AudioQuest NRG Edison Duplex Wall Outlet - 20 Amp

Model: NRGEDI20 UPC: 092592089006 Item: 165575

Your power deserves the best materials to ensure safety and quality, and AudioQuest's NRG Edison Duplex Wall Outlet covers both with ease. Providing a full 20 Amp rating, this wall outlet is comprised of high-end materials like beryllium-copper base metal and silver plating, with the end result being an optimum delivery of a power current. Keep the power coming without interferences.


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Audioquest NRG Edison Duplex Wall Outlet - 20 Amp

POLISHED HIGH-TENSION SURFACES WITH HANGING-SILVER PLATING: Ensures the lowest distortion of any plated or clad material. Signal-masking radio frequency noise is efficiently transferred toward your utilities transformer and Earth ground—far from your sensitive components.

SIGNIFICANTLY GREATER METAL MASS AND GRIP FOR OPTIMUM CURRENT DELIVERY: Includes the receptacles’ retention blades, as well as the critical ground, wire, and spade lug connections. No other AC outlet can boast such low impedance for optimum current delivery.

BERYLLIUM-COPPER BASE METAL: Provides superior spring tension and long-lasting, low-impedance AC power connections. Typical materials such as brass, or even high-purity copper aided by spring and wedge devices, simply cannot equal the unparalleled retention strength of high-mass beryllium-copper.


This Audioquest NRG Edison Duplex Wall Outlet is the 20 Amp model.