AudioQuest Anti-Static Record Cleaner Brush

Model: RECORDBRUS UPC: 092592034532 Item: 151264

Free your records of all the dirt, dust, and fingerprints it may have collected over the years with the AudioQuest anti-static record cleaning brush. Equipped with over one million carbon fiber bristles, this brush eliminates static electricity while removing particles that can degrade your records sound. Use this brush on LCD screens and keyboards too.

Audioquest Record Brush Features:
  • Gently removes dirt, dust, and fingerprints from your records
  • Over 1,000,000 conductive carbon fibers
  • Eliminates static electricity while removing dirt
  • Can also be usedto cleanLCD screens and keyboards

Product Information

Audioquest Anti-Static Record Cleaner Brush

The Audioquest Anti-Static Record Cleaner brush contains more than 1,000,000 conductive carbon fibers for effective record cleaning. It works on LCD screens & keyboards too!

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  1. 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Antistatic record brush

    It works fantastically. I use it before every side of every record I spin. Can't recommend this enough.

  2. 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Could Be Better

    The brush does the job, but you have to be very careful or the brush frame will actually touch the record and mark it. I actually removed the metal brush overlay and sanded the corners to try and prevent my clumsy motions from marking up my records. I think the brush could be redesigned to be more dense, instead of one row of carbon fiber bristles wrapped around the brush. If it was made more dense like any other type brush, the fibers would be more substantial and not bend so easily as you move across the record surface and would not have the tendency to easily scratch the record.