Audio Pro Living LV3 3-Way Floorstanding Loudspeakers - Pair (White)

Model: LV3WH UPC: 7330117131414 Item: 156394

Product Information

Living LV3 is a three-way floor standing loudspeaker that works with both direct and reflected sound. Its advanced acoustical design will fill your entire room with music, making placement incredibly easy as well as allowing you to enjoy the convenience and performance of wireless sound in full CD quality.

LV3 has a built in bass equaliser, which lets you adapt the bass to suit your room. Whats more LV3 can be used as a left, right or mono loudspeaker, which is very handy if you want to use several LV3s in a single room, or individual LV3s in several rooms.

Living LV3 is a highly advanced design, which makes truly high-end sound so easy to enjoy.

Listening to the revolution

If you understand just how radically people have changed their listening behaviour, you can be part of the revolution. Audio Pro is one the first specialised audio designers to support the movement from CD as a source to hard drive. If you use a computer or handheld device as your music player, we want you to enjoy the best quality sound in the easiest way possible via a reliable wireless connection. No cables. No fuss. High quality. Reliability. We embrace the revolution. Do you?

Its as easy as counting to three

Weve designed our products to be very easy to use. That's why our speakers need only power; our wireless units need no software and our transmitter only a sound source. Connect the speakers to power, connect the transmitter to your computer (or other device) and play your music. It's as simple as that!

Spread the sound in your whole room

LV3 is a three-way floorstander that works with direct/reflecting sound. This advanced acoustical design spreads the sound in your whole room, which makes placement a breeze. Each LV3 can be used as a left, right or mono speaker.

Room adaptation and built-in subwoofer

LV3 is a florrstanding speaker with a downfiring subwoofer for better connection to the room and better bass reproduction. On top of this, there is a built-in equalizer (+10/-10 dB at 45Hz) for the bass, so you easily can adapt the bass perfectly to your room. Bass is set individually on each speaker, so you can adjust bass depending on where you place your LV3 speakers.

Unique speaker with a wireless receiver

The Living-series comprises unique loudspeakers that only require a power cord. Music is transmitted effortlessly without the need for demanding, time-consuming installation or software downloads. With their advanced DSP, Class D amplification, digital crossovers and accurate D/A conversion, Living-series speakers will deliver an outstanding tailor-made sound experience. The performance advantage of active over passive loudspeakers is significant. Even a system, which incorporates the best available stand-alone power amplifier, will never achieve the performance of a similar active system. The reason is the precision of digital design.

Unique network for best quality

The Audio Pro Network uses a dedicated, protected protocol in 2.4 GHz-band for best possible sound quality. Transmission is achieved at full CD quality, making it possible to play uncompressed formats such as FLAC, Apple Lossless etc. We have a built-in sniffer system, which detects other wireless channels and automatically jumps to free RF (Radio Frequency) channels in order to avoid interference before listening. The system progressively controls the audio bands available, ensuring that the Audio Pro network can coexist with other wireless systems. We have a built-in security filter that removes RF interference from other wireless networks.

Wireless audio from any source

Our flexible wireless transmitter makes it possible to connect to any sound source. You can connect it directly to your computers USB port or to your stereo, iPod, iPhone and iPad and their supporting docks via 3.5 mm stereo cable. Thats it! Now you can enjoy excellent wireless sound. Any sound source which has a sound output (such as headphones out) can be connected to the transmitter. All powered speakers which have line-in can be connected to the receiver (a separate USB power supply is needed if the unit doesn't have one.)

Multiroom made simple

With our House Codes feature you can have up to three separate audio networks in your home, using three different transmitters. You can listen to different music in different rooms at the same time, or listen to the same music in all rooms by setting all receivers/speakers to the same House Code. (On the 2.4GHz band we use channel 1, 6 and 11.)

Multiroom with volume zones

With Living speakers you can divide each House Code into three different volume zones. You can have one volume setting in your living room, another in the kitchen, and a third in the bedroom - all using the same source and House Code. A volume zone can also be an entire floor in your home. The volume in the each zone can be adjusted on all the speakers within that zone provided they have the same House Code setting. To adjust the volume of all speakers in another zone, you have to switch zone on the Living remote control handset. A master volume on the handset will control all zones at the same time.

Play directly from your iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch

With Apple AirPlay and Audio Pro Wireless you can stream iTunes playlists and songs from your Mac, iPad and iPhone wirelessly to Living speakers or RX100 receivers anywhere in your home. Just connect our transmitter to an Airport Express and select your Airport Express unit as sound device on your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. Now let the music flow.

Splashtop remote: mirror your computer on your iPad

With Splashtop Remote you can access everything on your computer via your iPad: watch videos, work in Word or listen to your music. Splashtop works brilliantly with Audio Pro Wireless to make your iPad a great remote for your music. Just connect our transmitter to the computer you mirror with Splashtop and access your music wirelessly as well as everything else on your computer. Youll find Splashtop Remote in the App store.

Works with all music players

Just as you can listen to any sound source through our wireless network, you can also enjoy any player installed on your computer or portable unit. It doesn't matter whether your music comes from Spotify, iTunes, Winamp, Wimp, Grooveshark or Rhapsody. If you can play the music, you can enjoy it wirelessly through our network.

Advanced technology built-in

Audio Pro always uses the most advanced and proven technologies to give you the quality you expect from us. For our wireless components weve installed high performance Burr/Brown D/A-converters with 24 bit resolution and advanced Sonix digital sound processors, which use superior noise reduction and sophisticated error correction algorithms for best possible sound reproduction and extremely high efficiency.