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Audeze CRBN Open-Back Electrostatic Over-Ear Headphones

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Audeze CRBN Open-Back Electrostatic Over-Ear Headphones Overview

Product Information

Model: 215-EX-1121-00 | UPC: 819343014052


What's In The Box

Product Information

Model: 215-EX-1121-00 | UPC: 819343014052

Featuring the world’s most advanced electrostatic technology, Audeze proudly introduces CRBN electrostatic headphone (pronounced “carbon”), which features a new patent-pending polymer film with suspended carbon nanotubes to eliminate problems commonly found in previous electrostatic designs. Originally developed for MRI medical applications, we've adapted those innovations for audiophiles, which top audio professionals have called the best sounding electrostatic headphone to date.


Audeze 120 x 90mm Electrostatic Drivers

  • Suspended carbon nanotube diaphragms
  • Ultra-low distortion
  • Enhanced transparency and accuracy
  • Extremely fast transients, even frequency response
  • Compatible with all 580 volt amps

Patent-pending Carbon Nano-Tube Embedded Diaphragms

  • Increased efficiency and control over diaphragm movement
  • Diaphragm motion is fully pistonic for dramatically reduced distortion, especially at high frequencies
  • Amazing bass response, neutral sound signature, and a wide-open soundstage
  • Web of embedded Carbon Nano-Tubes maintain the ideal environment for electrostatic charge
  • Nano-Tubes create a uniform driving force for higher sensitivity and lower distortion
  • Controlled resonance yields 15dB more bass below 40Hz compared to electrostatic competitors

Custom-designed Earpads

  • Better seal on a wider variety of head shapes for consistent comfort
  • Reduced parallel surfaces limit resonance to equalize frequency response
  • The interior foam and leather wrap easily conforms to the surface around the listener’s ears
  • Almost all unwanted earpad resonances and absorptions are eliminated

All-New Premium Electrostatic Audio Cable

  • Provides extreme detail, ensuring no signal quality is lost between amp and headphones
  • More extended high and low frequencies, better transparency of sound
  • Single-crystal copper strands, directionally oriented for best conductivity
  • Premium quality connectors for solid connection and durability
  • Specially designed OCC copper cable material of ultra-high purity for high voltages


  • Style: Open Back Circumaural
  • Transducer type: Push-Pull Electrostatic
  • Functional Bias Voltage: 580 VDC
  • Electrostatic Capacitance: 100 pF (including cable)
  • Diaphragm type: Ultra-thin Custom E42 Carbon Nano-Tube
  • Transducer size: 120mm x 90mm
  • Frequency response: 10Hz - 40kHz
  • Maximum SPL: >120dB
  • Sensitivity: 101dB @ 100 VRMS, 1kHz (at Drum Reference Point)
  • Wired connection: 2.5 meters 5-pin Pro Bias
  • Housing: Magnesium, Titanium, and Polished Acetate
  • Earpad Material: Leather
  • Headband: Carbon Fiber and Leather
  • Weight: 0.66 pounds

What's In The Box

  • CRBN Headphone
  • Attached cable (2.5m OCC monocrystal copper, 5-pin Pro Bias)
  • Premium Aluminum Travel Case
  • Certificate of Authenticity
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