Atlantic Technology FS 7.1 43" 7 Channel Soundbar (Gloss Black)

Model: FS-7.1-GLB UPC: 748607171272 Item: 155050

Product Information

The FS-7.0 and SB-800 sound great...fantastic job of re-creating a thoroughly believable soundfield...outstanding value Darryl Wilkenson, Home Theater, March 2010

Real surround sound without all the boxes--The FS-7.1 Sound Bar loudspeaker is a high-performance unit containing all seven home theater channels in a single elegant, slim enclosure. The speaker uses several advanced technologies to deliver convincing 7-channel surround sound. The two 4 x 6-inch speakers on the front baffle are unique: each is a dual voice-coil driver that handles the left (or right) front channel and "half" of the center channel. This preserves the tightly focused imaging of a top-quality theater system and also minimizes cabinet space. The side-firing surround drivers are even more innovative. They are triple voice-coil drivers (patent-pending), handling both the 5.1 and 7.1 surround channels, and a portion of the corresponding Left or Right front channel, for added spaciousness. This, coupled with their precisely-calculated firing angle and Atlantic Technologys understanding of psycho-acoustic effects, allows the FS-7.1 to create impressive three-dimensional sound from a movie soundtrack--without the need or expense of on-board electronic gimmickry.The SB-900 is the perfect recommended companion to the FS-7.1. A compact 125-watt powerhouse with a rugged, long-excursion 8-inch driver, the SB-900 delivers room-shaking, muscular bass down to an impressive 32 Hz. Even though its small size makes it visually unobtrusive, you'll notice the big, rock-solid foundation if gives to all your favorite movies and music.


Type:                                        7 Channel Soundbar

Woofers LCR:                         (2) 4 x 6" Dual Voice Coil

Surround:                                 (2) 3 1/4" Triple Voice Coil

Tweeters:                                 (3) 1" soft dome

Frequency Response:                75Hz 20kHz 3dB

Normal Impedence:                  8 Ohms

Crossover Frequency:               2.5kHz

Sensitivity:                                89dB

Recommended Power: 10 125 Watts RMS

Dimensions w/ grilles (W x H x D):        43 1/2" x 5 1/2" x 5 1/4 " 1105 x 140 x 134mm

Weight (ea):                              37 lbs; 17kg