Atlantic Technology 224SB-BLK Powered Box 10" Subwoofer 180 Watt (Satin Black)

Model: 224SB-BLK UPC: 748607322124 Item: 155022

Product Information

A perfect melding of high power and modest size! Atlantic subwoofers have a well-deserved reputation for power and impact without sacrificing detail and articulation. Atlantic Technologys subs never fall into the "one-note boom" trap that is so common among conventional subs.

All Atlantic powered subwoofers share their essential design approach and philosophy: Heavy-duty woofers in optimally sized enclosures, powered by high-current amplifiers. They all use the sealed "acoustic suspension" bass alignment method which delivers superior transient response for greater clarity and detail, and a more gradual low-frequency rolloff that requires less power-robbing equalization from the on-board amplifier. Theyve also developed an exclusive feature called Clear Filter Technology (CFTTM) that actually reduces the deleterious effects the enclosure itself can have on the sound. All enclosures have dimensionally-dependent resonances. Those resonances can impart a negative 'coloration" to the sound. In subwoofers, this negative effect usually occurs in the upper bass range and can make upper bass/lower midrange sounds like male voices or the upper ranges of bass guitar sound unnaturally heavy or 'thumpy.' This is true even if your subwoofer is "crossed over" in what you think is the low bass region--lower than 80 Hz or so--because crossovers are not absolute. So even if your subwoofer is crossed over at 80 Hz, it is still producing significant output up to about 180-200 Hz. Atlantic's Clear Filter introduces a reciprocal correction in the exact frequency region where these problems occur, resulting in a markedly cleaner, more detailed sound. Every one of Atlantic Technologys subwoofers has its own Clear Filter, optimized specifically for that particular model. Atlantic Technologys subs utilize an adjustable (40Hz to 140Hz) 18dB per octave Low Pass crossover that allows much better bass integration with the satellite speakers while making the woofer less localizable. Meanwhile, the Phase Invert switch (Normal/Invert) allows precise acoustic matching with satellite speaker systems whose output relative to the subwoofer may be phase reversed. This switch also allows you to compensate for unusual room acoustics that occur when the woofer is physically separated from the main speakers by a significant distance. Other features are convenient front panel mounted Level Control and automatic standby operation with a multi-color LED status indicator. The automatic standby feature offers signal sensing turn-on with a 7-10 minute turn-off delay. Theres a multi-color LED status indicator that lets you know when the unit is on or in standby. Automatic Standby can be defeated by placing the rear mounted switch in the ON position. Finally, they are all designed and built to meet all current domestic and European safety requirements, making it one of the most sophisticated subwoofers to be produced anywhere.


Type:                                        Powered Sub Sealed Enclosure High Current Amplifier

Bass Driver:                              10" long-throw

Output Power:                          180w RMS

Distortion (amplifier):                 <0.5%

Frequency Response:                34Hz 250Hz 3dB

Low level (line):                        10k Ohms

Peak Output:                            102dB SPL into 1500 ft3

Power Requirements:                110-120/220-240v,50/60Hz

Dimensions w/ grilles (W x H x D):        14 1/4" x 13 1/4" x 15 3/8" (368 x 337 x 391mm)

Weight (ea):                              31 lbs; 14.1kg

Finishes Available:                    Satin Black only