Alpine RUX-KNOB Audio Control Device

Model: RUX-KNOB UPC: 793276420282 Item: 150381

The Alpine RUXKNOB remote subwoofer level control allows you to dial in the perfect amount of bass response from your subwoofers when it's connected to an applicable Alpine amplifier. As you change genres of music, the bass response can change drastically. With a simple twist of the RUX-KNOB, you can add in more bass or pull the bass response down to match the level of the music. You're in control.

Alpine RUX-KNOB Features:

  • Alpine-specific remote bass knob
  • Control of the level of your subwoofer from the driver's seat
  • Compact design for easy installation 
  • 16' cable to give you multiple mounting locations

Product Information

The optional RUX-KNOB remote bass control knob plugs right in to the PDX-M12 and PDX-M6 mono models for quick direct subwoofer control to make bass adjustments on the fly.

Compatible Models

The RUX-KNOB is specifically designed as the controller for use with any of the following PDX Amplifiers: PDX-M12, and PDX-M6.

From the Inside

With the RUX-KNOB, get full control over your PDX-M6 or PDX-M12 amplifier, conveniently from inside the car. With the RUX-KNOB installed inside the vehicle cabin, easily adjust the bass gain of your amp while seated inside.

Multiple Amp Control

Yes, there is a way to control multiple amps from just one RUX-KNOB controller with the use of simple telephone cord adapters (which are readily available at many retailers).