The issue: Drivers everywhere have long complained about the quality of audio in every BMW model, whether new or a few years old. (Also true of BMW’s upgrade options.) Bass frequencies are boomy and hollow, midrange frequencies are muddy, and highs are tinny. So yes – though the car handles like a dream, any music played inside sounds flat and uninspired.

The Fix: World Wide Stereo specializes in the revitalization of great sound in great cars, especially when it comes to BMW. Our 12V specialists and installers are nationally award-winning and well-versed in the installation of premium high-fidelity replacement components made expressly for BMW by Focal: the world leader in loudspeakers for the car.

The best part? All our work is hidden – with no aesthetic change to the cabin, no hint of after-market parts, and no way to tell the difference – until you press “play.” And once you do, there’s no going back. Your ultimate driving machine becomes your ultimate sound studio, and you’re forever spoiled.

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Bring your BMW to our Montgomeryville store and we’ll show you a range of options and prices. And bring your favorite music, too, so we can demonstrate just how good your car will sound when we’re done with it.

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