14 Gifts They Won't Want to Return After the Holidays

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On the prowl for last-minute gifts? Can’t decide on the perfect present for your hubby or mother-in law? 

You’ve come to the right place. We asked our product experts to share their favorite gift ideas for the holidays. From truly wireless headphones to portable Bluetooth speakers to a mini fridge decked out with authentic Marshall parts (!), this is the year you give them a gift they won't want to return.

So grab your eggnog and get ready: here are our team's top gift picks:

When three of our guys list the Sony A1E OLED TV as their #1 gift pick this holiday season, you know you can’t go wrong. Here's what they had to say:

Sony A1E Series TV
The most beautiful picture I have ever seen on any TV in an ultra-thin elegant form. Upgrade family movie night and make this a gift for everyone to enjoy. Mark Jones, Managing Director
Among my top choices for a high performance, thin panel TV with spectacular picture quality. It's not a surprise that it's also a customer favorite! Ron Rumer, Vice President, Sales
The best picture and best sound for a TV, hands down. Also great for action movies and game day — my favorite way to watch the playoffs. Dave Sailer, Sales & System Designer

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Samsung The Frame TV
I love that The Frame is part art, part television. You can binge Netflix on rainy days, and display family photos or professional artwork when you have company over. It's an elegant and affordable option for anyone who wants their TV not to look like a TV. 

 Lauren Heller, Ardmore Showroom

Fern and cooper recommend an outdoor projector
An outdoor projector screen adds a whole new level of fun to backyard parties! Throw in the Sony LSPX-P1 Portable Ultra Short Throw Projector, and your kids can host movie night all year long - inside or outside.

 - Fern Rutberg, Senior Manager, eCommerce Sales & Program Development

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Mario recommends an Integra receiver
This is what I use at home. It can pass 4K video and all HDR video formats available. And, best of all, my family loves it because it's so easy to operate. With a long list of cool features, my favorite is that you can watch TV and listen to music at the same time. Last week I had the football game on TV and listened to Christmas music while decorating the tree!

- Mario Patelmo, Sales and System Designer

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Amanda recommends the Heos Bar and Subwoofer
When I first heard a demo of the HEOS Bar and Subwoofer, the virtual surround sound completely blew me away. We watched a scene from Transformers and my jaw hit the floor when it felt like a helicopter in the movie was flying above my head. The pair together really made the scene come alive and made me a part of the action. My boyfriend and I decided this is our must-have gift to each other for the holidays. 

- Amanda Carman, Marketing Coordinator

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Dave recommends Klipsch The Sixes Speakers
Place these speakers on a shelf or desk, and it'll sound like you're at a mini rock concert. Klipsch's The Sixes have all the inputs you could possibly need, including USB/Bluetooth/Optical. You also don't need a receiver — just plug a pair of Sixes into a turntable and start spinning. I also just can't resist the cool retro look of a classic Klipsch speaker from the past! 

- Dave Sailer, Sales and System Designer

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Rob recommends Bluesounds The Vault 2
The Bluesound Vault is one of the best purchases I have ever made. I was able to easily rip all of my CDs at CD quality directly to the Vault, and now I have all of my music at the touch of my finger. I've been able to rediscover my music, and every Sunday, I sit on my sofa and make a playlist for that morning. If my kids are in the room, I add their music. It has become a center piece of my home and a great way to bond with my son, Luca, and daughter, Lillian, as we share our musical discoveries! 

-  Rob Marcoccia, Sales and Design Manager

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Jamie recommends the Bang & Olufsen Beoplay A1 portable Bluetooth speaker
I like to call the Bang & Olufsen A1 speaker "the oversized hockey puck," but boy does it do some damage. The bass kicks and for something of a smaller size, it produces great sound. Compared to other $250 speakers, this is well worth the price and would make anyone - including myself ;) - happy to get one under the tree this year! 

- Jamie Hunsberger, Customer Service Coordinator

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Kristin recommends Bose SoundSport Free Earbuds
I reach for these earbuds whenever I'm on the go. Whether it's a quick run or my nightly dog walk, I don't have to mess with wires (literally!) and the sound is amazing.

-  Kristin Smith, Controller

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Tommy recommends the PX wireless headphones from bowers and wilkins
I recently sold a pair of the PX wireless headphones to a customer that works in a loud environment and the three modes of active noise-canceling was a huge deal to him. He could set them to the highest level when needed and ease off as things quieted down throughout the day. When he brought up that he sometimes forgets to charge his current wireless headphones, I mentioned that these are "Smart" headphones, which means they go into standby mode when you take them off to conserve battery life - plus, these baby's have over 20 hours on a single charge!

- Tommy Gillanders, Sales and System Designer

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Andrew recommends the Audeze iSine20
I had vowed never to spend more than $50 on in-ear monitors (IEMs). That is, until I heard these. After a mere 5 minutes, I had no choice but to break that vow. The sound is unimaginably wonderful. Bass is strong, but extremely accurate and punchy. Details are rich and smooth, but incredibly precise. While listening to Sonny Rollins' "Way Out West" album (thanks for the suggestion, Dan C.), the saxophone comes through with such finesse and clarity that I believed I could hear Mr. Rollins breathing between phrases. I broke my vow, and it was worth every penny. 

- Andrew Parfitt, Product Specialist, Customer Service

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Ira recommends the Audioquest Nighthawk headphones
There's nothing better than just sitting back and letting your music take you away — and the right pair of headphones can do that. If you want the best bang for your buck, my favorite are the AudioQuest NightHawk Carbon headphones. They sound absolutely incredible — especially for the price.

- Ira Segall, Customer Service Specialist

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Chris and Ross recommend a remote car starter
Nobody likes hopping into an icy cold car first thing in the morning. A remote car starter is a gift that keeps on giving all year round! Keep that special person warm in the winter, and cool in the summer. 

- Chris Mulhearn, Sales and System Designer & Ross Whitcavage, Mobile Installation Technician

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Chad recommends the marshall bar fridge
I may not be able to play like James Hetfield, but I sure as hell can drink like him! The Marshall Bar Fridge is decked out with authentic Marshall parts, including knobs you can crank to 11. Who wouldn't want to see this under the tree?  

- Chad Snedaker, Sales and System Designer

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There's still time...

For last-minute gifts, stop by one of our showrooms. Our experts are here to help you find the perfect present!

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