We're Bringing Integra to Homes Nationwide

We're Bringing Integra to Homes Nationwide

Here’s a fun fact: World Wide Stereo is one of the original Integra brand dealers, and has been the top dealer most of those years since inception. Not only do we offer customers in-store access to Integra products, we're also the exclusive online retailer to sell factory-certified pre-owned models.

For the first time ever, we're thrilled to announce you can purchase brand new Integra AV gear online from World Wide Stereo and have it shipped to your home — without getting off the couch. 

An industry leader for 50 years and counting.

Built like a tank and armed to the teeth with cutting-edge technology. That’s the kind of reputation Integra’s AV gear has brought to the table for nearly five decades. And while many hear Integra and think Onkyo, few realize it has actually existed as a standalone brand since the late 1990s, crafted to meet the high-performance needs of home theater designers and custom installers around the globe. 

Looking back over modern AV history, Integra has been there every step of the way, giving its customers the performance they need to enjoy cutting-edge audio and video. Remember the introduction of Dolby Digital Surround sound? Integra boldly delivered that in the early 1980s, just as it’s currently leading the charge into a new world of Ultra Hi-Def 4K video and 3D Atmos immersive audio.

Create your own custom experience.

Integra pre-amp and receiver models give installers the tools they need to design unique custom experiences. Integra’s onboard RS232 and IP controls will allow you to connect your gear with most common automation systems, including Savant and Crestron. You can even manage other gear in your system using two-way infrared pass-through and fully programmable 12 volt triggers.

But Integra stands for more than integration. Integra components offer rock-solid build quality that can perform under the most demanding of conditions. That means components and parts are specifically selected for their overwhelmingly powerful capabilities and uniform tolerances for guaranteed high-level performance.

Ready to take a look at some of the Integra gear you can now purchase online? Let's dive right in.

The perfect home theater brain.

Talk about a ‘must own’ piece of equipment.  Home theater enthusiasts will absolutely love the processing capabilities of Integra’s flagship DRC-R1 11.2 Channel Atmos and DTS:X Network AV Preamp. Not only can the DRC-R1 handle current broadcast, streaming, and disc-based 4K demands, it also possesses the ability to support Dolby Vision for cutting-edge 4K images loaded with dazzling color depth and the best High Dynamic Range experience possible. The DRC-R1 can also direct hard-hitting Atmos and DTS:X immersive audio performances on full 7.1.4 speaker arrangements. Throw in music streaming from Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Chromecast built-in, and DTS Play-Fi, along with broad Hi-Res audio support, and the DRC-R1 is easy to recommend as a system anchor.

Integra DRC-R1 112 Channel Preamp

Integra DRC-R1 11.2 Channel Dolby Atmos & DTS:X Network A/V Preamp

Receivers, sound bars, and more.

Integra has models for nearly any home theater system size or need. Smaller home theater and media room setups will benefit from the all-in-one capabilities of Integra’s DRX-2.1, DRX-3.1, DRX-4, and DRX-5 AV receivers, all of which can natively power 7.2-channel audio systems. And if you don't need all the bells and whistles of surround sound, the highly competent DTM-6 offers amazing 4K compatibility, music streaming, Hi-Res audio, and dual-zone stereo speaker performance. And if you haven't given up on your CD collection, the CDC-3.4 will breathe new life into them.

Integra DRX-3.1 7.2 Channel Network A/V Receiver

Integra DRX-3.1 7.2 Channel Network A/V Receiver

Integra DTM-6 Network Stereo Receiver

Integra DTM-6 Network Stereo Receiver

The Integra model lineup also offers high-performance options for those short on space.  The incredibly thin –  2.75” high – DSX-3 6.1 Channel Slim Chassis Network AV Receiver delivers 80 Watts per channel along with the 4K video performance and music streaming options you’d expect from a high quality AVR.  And the DLB-5 Object-Based Surround Sound Bar System utilizes a control unit, an easy-to-place wireless subwoofer, and a five-speaker immersive sound bar for incredible audio without the need for bulky speakers.  Both models are great choices for those looking to boost the media experience offered by their bedroom and living room systems.

Integra Surround Sound Bar System

Integra DLB-5 Surround Sound Bar System with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

Don’t just take our word for it...

Seeing is believing. Check out all that Integra has to offer. Have any questions? Our experts are here to help and offer one-on-one shopping assistance via email, live chat, and phone

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