KLH Love Your Music Event

KLH Love Your Music Event

The title says it all. This may have been the most inclusive event we have ever put on. Dave Kelley, former president of Klipsch, has acquired KLH and is presenting the world with some of the best sounding speakers at an incredible price. It’s important that you know that in the late 60s and early 70s, I aspired to own a pair of KLH speakers, but they were simply out of my league. At the time, they were the most popular speakers in the world. Flash-forward to now, I can see applying that term to them in the not too distant future. If you know me, you know I would not say that lightly.  They have already been named speaker of the year and the reviews are all glowing.

The event itself had the usual WWS hoopla, great food, stimulating demos, and product sessions. We also had four young men from Florida, “The Spring.”  This alternative rock band was over the top and really helped highlight what we try so hard to do, which is (with the help of brands like KLH) bring the sound of live music home! The following night we had a free concert at the Sellersville Theater and, despite freezing rain, snow, and icy streets, 60 intrepid souls came out and a great time was had by all. For both days, we ran a raffle where, for the cost of any donation at all to the Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House, participants were entered into a drawing to win KLH speakers, which included an entire KLH 5.1 Home Theater Speaker System. Talk about some really happy characters. Kirby Yap and Mary Lou Butterfly went home with stars in their eyes in anticipation of a KLH system at home. At the end of the night, I tried to tip the ushers at the Sellersville Theater, knowing they were volunteers and nobody would have criticized them for staying home on a night like that.  Their response was, “ No thanks, give our tip the Ronald McDonald House.” Music does that to you. It’s good for the soul.

Collectively, we raised over $6,000 for the Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House with the support of our guests, staff, and friends at KLH Audio. Truly incredible!

Thanks for listening,

The Bob

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