Holiday on Hold

Holiday on Hold

I guarantee that this is about the most fun you will ever have being put on hold...

Fresh from the creative studios of Glenn Gury, it's the 2016 World Wide Stereo Holiday “music on hold.” 

For years I (Bob) made all the ads, much of which were adlibbed. Then I met Glenn who could finish the adlibs for me. Then he came up with the adlibs before I could get them out of my mouth.  Now he is the creative force behind all of our stuff. He’s a genius.  He does “me” without losing “me.” 

The below file is a sound collage of World Wide Stereo Holiday Radio spots expertly mixed by this guy who weaves in the perfect holiday movies and music. Give it a listen. Get a little nostalgic. You’ll understand why we’ve had customers ask to be put back on hold to hear the whole thing. Really.   

Happy Holidays - Peace,  

Bob Cole 
President and Owner... and Chief Storyteller

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