The Wee Coo Bar and Cinema

The Wee Coo Bar and Cinema

Our client had two needs: they needed a home for their limited edition Blade Runner whiskey glasses and a place to hang with the likes of The Police and Sam Cooke. So naturally, we turned their Doylestown, PA basement into a full-blown Dolby Atmos screening room and whiskey lounge and outfitted a separate area of the home into a two-channel listening room featuring the likes of McIntosh, Bowers & Wilkins, and Pro-Ject. No big deal...

Our Doylestown, PA clients were looking for the latest in every aspect of technology for their home entertainment needs. They wanted a welcoming place to spend time with their friends and enjoy a movie (and a glass of whiskey, of course). The basement was completely remodeled to comfortably accommodate one area as the “Screening Room” and another area as the “Lounge”.  Or, as they like to call it, The Wee Coo Bar and Cinema. The screening room was outfitted with a 4K Sony VPL-VW365ES Projector with HDR and a Klipsch 7.1.4 Dolby Atmos surround sound system featuring CDT-3650-C II and R-5502-W II speakers and a JL Audio E112 powered subwoofer. The source is a Roku4 and an OPPO BDP-103D Blu-ray player, powered by an AVR-X6200 Denon receiver.

"The Listening Room" upstairs was added as a space completely dedicated to just that... listening.. Listening and appreciating music in the purest form (aside from a live performance, of course) with no distractions. A 2-channel set-up guaranteed to give you goosebumps and make any audiophile drool, we outfitted the room with Bowers and Wilkins CM6 S2 bookshelf speakers in gloss black, a Mcintosh Labs MA5200 2-Channel Integrated Amplifier, a Pro-Ject 6Perspex DC Turntable  and a Bluesound Node 2 Wireless Streaming Player. Our clients have a killer vinyl collection, but the Node 2 gives their new stereo system access to streaming services (like premium hi-res music service TIDAL ) and internet radio, even their own entire digital library in maximum studio recording quality - all controlled via an app on their smartphones.

Here's what the client had to say:

My wife and I built a home theater via a process that started with Austin at the store. He was professional, knowledgeable, and beyond courteous. As this was a larger project, I was at the store a few times before, during, and after. Throughout, Austin always had a smile, a useful piece of information, patience, and a willingness to help by going above and beyond. He is an absolutely fantastic salesperson, and we are grateful for his assistance. If there was a scale of 1-10, he is an 11. The team of installers also match the experience we had in store with Austin. These guys were flawless in their execution! Clean. Timely. Polite. And EXTREMELY knowledgeable, they made me feel at ease throughout the entire project. We are now the lucky owners of a home theater that we couldn't love more! Friends are awed by it too! I feel very lucky to have my dream theater, and equally so to have found these folks to help design and build it! Thank you!"   Submitted July 27, 2016

Featured Products in this Project:

McIntosh Labs MA5200 2-Channel Integrated Amplifier (Black)

McIntosh Labs MA5200
2-Channel Integrated Amplifier
In Store Only
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Bowers & Wilkins 2-Way Bookshelf Speakers with Floorstands

Bowers & Wilkins 2-Way
Bookshelf Speakers with Floorstands
In Store Only
Call 1-866-961-7781 to learn more

Pro-Ject 6Perspex DC SuperPack With Sumiko Blue Point Special EVO III

Pro-Ject 6Perspex
DC SuperPack With Sumiko Blue Point Special EVO III
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Bluesound Node 2 Wireless Streaming Music Player

Bluesound Node 2
Wireless Streaming Music Player
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Meet the System Designer

Austin Marvel

Austin Marvel

Started at World Wide Stereo: 2013

Favorite Movies: Inception, Heat (1995), The Lion King 

Obsessed With: Buffalo Chicken (Cheese-steaks, Fries, Wraps, anything Buffalo Chicken will make me smile uncontrollably), Water, McIntosh Amplifiers    

Quirks: I like to share my elaborate, creative but unrealistic thoughts and ideas. Ask Gavin, I have some great ideas.

Home EquipmentKlipsch R15-PM (My neighbors love the sound), Samsung UN46C7000 (it might be time for an OLED... Bob?) and a PS4 (any gamers out there? Add me on PSN)

Favorite part about what I do: Every piece of equipment that I sell to someone I believe is making their life better in some way. Whether it is improving their lifestyle, bringing their family closer together or for pure enjoyment; I cannot pick one experience over the rest of them for this exact reason. However, I really enjoy challenging projects; the projects that most integrators are hesitant or reluctant to take on. I have always learned the most from these projects and people seem to really appreciate the dedication and determination that you are willing to put into your work for them.

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