Remote Car Starters with Bob Cole & Steve Morrison of 93.3 WMMR

One up Mother Nature with the gift of a warm car on a cold morning. (Bonus points if you get it installed in time for the holidays.)

Check out the video below with our founder and CEO, Bob Cole, and WMMR's Steve Morrison, as they share why a remote car starter is a gift loved ones will enjoy for years to come.

Video transcript

Steve: Hey, everybody, Steve Morrison here at World Wide Stereo in Montgomeryville. My second father, could quite be, Bob Cole. The man. Bob, how are you?

Bob: I'm wonderful. Feeling old.

Steve: Good to see you. Old but aging like fine wine.

Bob: Speaking of age, that's a pretty old watch you've got on. You know?

Steve: The old Apple watch, yes. Well, it's...what can I say? I'm a...

Bob: You know, I can start my car from my brand new Apple watch?

Steve: No, I didn't know that. When did that happen?

Bob: You know what? It's a great Christmas gift.

Steve: Automatic car starters.

Bob: Automatic car starter. Unfortunately, people don't think about it until it's really freaking hot or it's really freaking cold, and then it's too late and I..."Gee, I wish my car was already warm when I got in it."

Steve: You're right. It's always the thing you think of after the fact, like you said, I should have done it. And by that time you're already halfway through the season so you end up not doing it. This year, make it the thing to do.

Bob: You do it for your loved ones first.

Steve: Now the tech is so much advanced since the thing that people are probably familiar with. It's interfacing through your phone, you can control all that stuff. What are the variety of starters you have? What kind of vehicles can be handled?

Bob: Oh, we start around $400 installed. You can spend a whole lot more money if you've got a Bentley, but we can do a Bentley. We can do a Volkswagen, you can start it with almost any phone, and if you happen to have a modern watch like I do...

Steve: An Apple watch.

Bob: Not like Steve.

Steve: Well that's old generation. You have the new one.

Bob: This is old. This is really old. It's disappointing. But this will start my car and my wife's car, more importantly.

Steve: Yes.

Bob: Does your wife have a car starter?

Steve: No. Happy wife, happy life. But then again, you love your wife so much.

Bob: I do. But I love your wife, too. She's a doll.

Steve: Well there we go.

Bob: She's wonderful.

Steve: She's a wonderful person.

Bob: So for that, the remote starters and the collection of remote starters here at World Wide Stereo are unparalleled and also your installation and guarantees are far better than anyone else.

Steve: And we've only been doing it for 40 years.

Bob: World Wide Stereo remote car starters. One of the hot gifts this season.

Steve: Show them you love them.

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