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The Best Sound Bars of 2019

Last updated on October 11, 2019 

Do I need a sound bar? We get asked this all the time and one thing is true across the board: today’s TVs are incredibly thin and beautiful — but with no room inside for a decent speaker, audio suffers. Dialogue can be very difficult, sometimes even impossible, to hear. Big sound effects (think "Star Wars") are tinny and unimpressive. And though just about any sound bar provides a smart and relatively inexpensive way to radically improve TV audio, the really good ones are extremely impressive – and the great ones will give you goosebumps. And today, we’re going for great.

Last, if you’re serious about great sound and you really want to do this right, check out our “Sound Bar Buying Guide.” It’s a less-than-10-minute read, and covers everything you should know about sound bars before you buy.

And with that, off we go…

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Yamaha YAS 108 Sound bar

Brand & model: Yamaha YAS-108 Sound Bar
Reg. Price: $199.95 - View Current Price
Dimensions: 35" (W) x 2-1/8" (H) x 5-1/8" (D)
Colors: Black
Key Features: Built-in subwoofers • Bluetooth capable • Works with Amazon Alexa-enabled devices • DTS: Virtual X • Dolby Digital, Pro Logic II, DTS Digital format support • Clear Voice technology Digital optical, aux, and HDMI in/out with CEC connectivity

Our case

The YAS-108 from Yamaha may be one of the most unassuming-looking sound bars we’ve ever tested, but its rounded edges certainly give it a more modern, soft appeal. As a result, it should look like it belongs in any room, whatever your decor. And at only two inches high, it shouldn’t get in the way of your TV screen if you plan on resting it on top of a media cabinet instead of mounting it to the wall.

Inside: two three-inch cone subwoofers, along with a 1-inch tweeter residing on each side of the cabinet interior (left and right), dual 30-watt amps, and a 60-watt subwoofer amp. But the big story here is DTS: Virtual X, a new sound codec from the folks at DTS that essentially simulates what Dolby Atmos does: places certain sounds in the air above and around you, but without all the extra speakers and modules Dolby Atmos requires. The YAS-108 is among the very first sound bars to come with this technology, and it’s a big deal, especially when you experience it for the first time… and actually duck for cover when a Stars Wars Naboo N-1 fighter jet roars right over your head in your own living room.

No sound bar can replicate authentic 5.1 home theater surround sound, and no sound bar can replicate the effect of full-blown Dolby Atmos. BUT… Yamaha’s YAS-108 with DTS Virtual:X is an awesome cheat. (Yamaha has a tendency to "wow" us every now and again... just like they did with their self-playing piano — but we digress.)

In all, the YAS-108 belongs on your consideration set just for DTS Virtual:X alone, especially at its current price.

What else?

  •  Bluetooth connectivity allows you to stream music from your smartphone or tablet directly to the soundbar.
  •  The YAS-108 works with Alexa-enabled devices like the Echo Dot. Sync it to the soundbar for an instant voice control upgrade.

2. The Best "Bang for Your Buck" Sound Bar.

Yamaha MusicCast BAR 400 Sound Bar with Wireless Subwoofer

Yamaha MusicCast 400 soundbar

Brand & model: Yamaha MusicCast BAR 400
Reg. Price: $499.95 - View Current Price
Dimensions: Sound bar: 38 5/8" (W) x 2 3/8" (H) x 4 3/8" (D) • Subwoofer: 7 1/8" (W) x 16 (H) 3/8" x 16" (D)
Colors: Black
Key FeaturesWi-Fi - Bluetooth • AirPlay and Spotify Connect compatible • Connects to Amazon Alexa-enabled devices • DTS Virtual:X - HDMI, optical, and aux connectivity • Multi-room capable with other MusicCast products

Our case

When it came time to determine our best “bang for your buck” winner, it didn’t take long for us to reach a unanimous decision: Yamaha’s MusicCast BAR 400. Not only does this sound bar come with a wireless 100-watt subwoofer that can be placed anywhere in the room, it also has built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, DTS Virtual:X surround sound, and multi-room capability — all for under $500.

With over 100 years of experience developing high-quality speakers and instruments for musicians around the world, Yamaha brings it with the MusicCast BAR 400. Part of Yamaha’s multi-room audio ecosystem, MusicCast, the BAR 400 is a go-to if high-fidelity is a must. Enjoy your favorite hi-res audio formats (including AIFF, FLAC, and WAC files) on speakers designed to do them justice. Perfectly paired amps feed 200 watts to a performance-tuned array of tweeters and low/midrange drivers. The wireless subwoofer’s 6.5-inch driver and 100-watt amp, coupled with Dolby Digital and DTS digital decoding, all work together to bring your soundtrack’s effects to life.

What else?

  •  All MusicCast products work with Amazon Alexa. Connect to any Alexa-enabled device, and control your BAR 400 with simple voice commands.
  •  Placement options are a-plenty: Mount the BAR 400 to the wall or place it in front of your TV, thanks to the bar's slim-profile design.

JBL 51 Channel Sound bar with speakers

Brand & Model: JBL 5.1-Channel 4K Ultra HD Sound Bar with True Wireless Surround Speakers and Wireless Subwoofer
Reg. Price: $840 - View Current Price
Dimensions:  Sound bar: 45" (W) x 2.3" (H) x 3.7” (D) • Subwoofer: 16" (W) x 12" (H) x 12” (D) • Surround speakers: 6.5" (W) x 2.3" (H) x 3.7” (D)
Colors: Black
Key Features: Detachable Wireless Surround Speakers • 4K Connectivity with 3 HDMI In/ 1 HDMI Out • Bluetooth • Wireless Subwoofer • Dolby Digital / Dolby Pro Logic II • DTS

Our case

Sound bar makers aren’t pushing limits these days, they’re extending limits. And in JBL’s case, literally. This sound bar comes with two detachable, (rechargeable) battery-powered, wireless surround speakers — each with 10 hours of play time. If you have a room that's too small for a full 5.1 home theater system (which consists of 5 speakers and a subwoofer), this is a great workaround. On movie night, just detach the left and right speakers, place them further apart for greater separation (say maybe one on a fireplace mantel and the other on an end table) and boom: big time, cinema-like surround sound.

Inside JBL’s sound bar: 510 watts of power, which is more than enough muscle to power everything, including the accompanying 10-inch (bigger than most) subwoofer that comes with it.

All very JBL, very well priced, and with the two removable left and right speakers, very smart.

What else?

  • Built-in Bluetooth lets you connect your smart device in seconds, so you can stream music from your computer, phone, or tablet.

  • Comes with Dolby® Digital, Dolby Pro Logic II, DTS, and a variety of sound modes for switching between movies/TV shows and music.

  • Inputs include: 3 HDMI Video (and one 1 HDMI video output with an audio return channel), HDMI HDCP Version 2.2, plus both optical and analog audio inputs.

  • Also in the box: one HDMI cable, one AUX cable, and even an optical cable. Plus, a calibration microphone and a bracket kit for wall mounting. Very thoughtful.

4. The Best All-in-One Sound Bar.

Harman Kardon Enchant 1300 Sound Bar

Harman Kardon Enchant 1300 Soundbar

Brand & model: Harman Kardon Enchant 1300 Soundbar
Reg. Price: $1,200 - View Current Price
Dimensions: 44” (W) x 2.6” (H) x 4.9” (D)
Colors: Black
Key Features: Supports 13 channels • Bluetooth capable • Multibeam surround sound • Google Chromecast built-in • Automatic Multibeam calibration • 4K HDMI ARC

Our case

Where do we even start with the Enchant 1300 sound bar from Harman Kardon? Top of the line. Loaded with features. Supports 13 different audio channels. Google Chromecast built-in. Side-firing tweeters. Bass port design.

But the main reason this sound bar is so exciting? The Enchant 1300 was built with Harman’s proprietary sound processor, “MultiBeam,” and side-firing transducers to simulate true surround sound by bouncing audio off the walls. The effect? An incredible 3D surround sound experience without the need for additional speakers, subwoofers, or wires. Clearly, Harman set out to create a single surround sound solution — as close to authentic 7.1 or 7.1.2 surround sound as humanly possible. If you can imagine invisible speakers hovering (and sometimes even moving around) in the air above and around you, that’s the net effect. Planes, birds, rustling leaves, bad guys in spaceships, prehistoric Pterosaurs — it’s amazing how much sound in our lives comes from above, and Harman’s Enchant 1300 puts it all right there in the correct spots, and the result is CRAZY good. (For an even more immersive experience: add the Enchant Subwoofer for extra heart-pounding punch.)

What else?

  •  The Enchant 1300 comes with Google Chromecast built-in, expenanding your hi-fi streaming library to over 200 online services.
  •  To make setup a breeze, our friends at Harman added an automatic calibrater to ensure you get the best audio for your room and layout.
  •  When you don't have your phone handy, preset controls on the Enchant 1300 make audio control possible with the touch of a button.

5. The Best Wireless Sound Bar.

Denon HEOS Bar 

HEOS Bar Sound Bar

Brand & Model: Denon HEOS Bar
Reg. Price: $899 - View Current Price
Dimensions: 43.37” (W) x 2.87” (H) x 5.87” (D)
Colors: Black
Key Features: HDMI and 4K UltraHD compatibility • 4 HDMI inputs • Bluetooth •  Dolby True HD • DTS-HD Master Audio • 9 High-Performance Drivers

Our case

Think Sonos is the be-all and end-all when it comes to wireless? No. While Sonos makes some killer products (some of which are featured on this list), Denon gives them a run for the money – and then some – with the HEOS Bar with Bluetooth. (HEOS is what Denon calls their own wireless multi-room audio system, for which Denon offers lots of options.) Though the Denon Heos Bar doesn’t do Dolby Atmos or DTS:X, it can interpret Dolby True HD and DTS-HD Master Audio – the high-resolution audio codecs used on Blu-Ray discs and the best-possible home theater audio compression formats.

The HEOS sound bar can also be paired with the wireless HEOS subwoofer, which is a little smaller than most, but gets the job done. (And altogether, the HEOS Bar had no problem filling our large testing room with big cinematic sound.) What’s more, connectivity options are better than most, including Sonos — which basically means the sky's the limit when it comes to the movies/TV shows you watch and the music you listen to. 

The HEOS Bar comes with four 4K-compatible inputs (nice), plus coaxial and optical inputs, a 3.5mm stereo input, a USB input, and an Ethernet port. It also comes with aptX Bluetooth (better than regular Bluetooth for streaming music).  And if you add other HEOS speakers, the Bar will use the 5GHz band – not Wi-Fi – for better overall results.

Bottom line: The HEOS Bar's built-in support for streaming high-resolution music, Bluetooth connectivity, and YouTube support makes it the clear winner. 

What else?

  • Nice idea: Denon put IR flashers on the back of the HEOS Bar, so your TV remote still works even if the HEOS Bar blocks your TVs IR receptor.

  • Denon recommends pairing the HEOS Bar with 50" TVs or wider, but that's purely based on cosmetics. At 43" wide, it's a beast — but it will work with any size TV.

6. The Smartest Sound Bar.

Sonos Beam 

Sonos Beam Soundbar

Brand & Model:  Sonos Beam
Reg. Price: $399 - View Current Price
Dimensions: 2.7” (H) x 3.94”(D) x 25.625”(W)
Colors: Black and White
Key Features: Amazon Alexa built-in • Five far-field microphones • Dialogue clarity speech enhancement •  Wi-Fi • AirPlay 2 compatible (Google Assistant coming soon) • HDMI ARC •  Sonos App 

Our case

Had we included a “best design,” the Sonos Beam would have won that, too. Everything Sonos is elegant in an understated way — easily the most “Apple-esque” in the category. And had we included a “best (or easiest) to set up,” again Sonos would win. In all, Sonos just seems smarter in almost every respect, which is a good thing when dealing with multiple components, especially in a wireless multi-room streaming music and surround sound scenario.

The Sonos Beam neatly fills a niche: the growing desire among consumers for a smaller, more decor-friendly sound bar that, in spite of its smaller size, still offers all the great features typically found in today’s bigger streaming sound bars – including those with Amazon Alexa onboard.

With the Beam, Sonos pulls it all off with two major perks: 1) The Beam costs half as much as its equally talented, more expensive competitors, and 2) At only 2.7-inches high, 4-inches deep and 25.6-inches wide, the smaller Beam is far more decor-friendly (comes in black or white). And if you’re already building out a Sonos system, it’s an obvious choice. Down the road, spectacular is certainly attainable by adding a Sonos SUB and a couple Sonos One speakers to get a true 5.1 setup.

What else?

  • Sonos replaced the optical cable used in the Playbar for an HDMI ARC connection, which makes some exciting new things possible. HDMI ARC acts like a speed-of-light translator and facilitator between components, with the goal of making everything smarter, yes, but easier, too. Components can send commands back and forth to each other, shuttle songs, and execute tasks like turning on your TV — all by voice control.
  • The Beam / Alexa duo operates other smart home devices as well. (“Alexa, turn up the thermostat.” “Alexa, open the blinds.” “Alexa, turn on ESPN.”)
  • The Beam is Apple AirPlay 2 compatible, so you can listen to any audio from your iPad, iPhone, Mac, etc. What’s more, Sonos is promising Google Assistant integration later down the road. Good stuff.
  • A custom wall mount for the Beam is available here.

7. The Best Sound Bar for Surround Sound.

Bose Soundbar 700

Bose Soundbar 700

Brand & modelBose Soundbar 700 (aka SB700)
Reg. Price$799 - View Current Price
Dimensions:  38.5” (W) x  2.25” (H) x 4.25” (D)
Black & White 
Key Features: Amazon Alexa built-in • Eight-microphone array • HDMI and 4K Pass-Through • Dolby Digital • DTS •  Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity • 1 HDMI output with Audio Return Channel (ARC) • 1 HDMI input • 1 Optical Digital Audio Connection • Universal remote included

Our case

This one stopped us dead in our tracks, briefly causing us to A) reconsider our choice for “best premium sound bar,” and  B) consider adding a “biggest sounding” category. Bose recently launched their brand new, very impressive line of smart wireless products — and the Soundbar 700  represents the very best from Bose, now with Amazon Alexa built-in. Just tell the SB700 what to do, and Alexa will get it done. Plus, access all of Alexa’s many skills — ask her for the weather, re-order that 12 pack of paper towel rolls, turn the lights on and off, and so on.

As for the techy good stuff, here’s what sets the SB700 apart from the rest: eight custom microphones in array with echo cancellation and near field detection, so they are designed to hear you, always – even when you’re playing Stevie Ray Vaughan on 10. (With decades of building microphones under their belt, Bose knows what they’re doing.) And in terms of sound, well, let’s just say this: We played a few scenes from "Tropic Thunder" (don’t ask) and found the ongoing dialogue in the jungle easy to hear and understand, all while bullets, bugs, and bombs flew overhead. A few times, we even turned to look at sounds that seemed to pop up behind us, which of course, isn’t possible. And when we moved around the room swapping seats, the surround sound effect was still present. (Freaky, but true.)

What else?

  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth provide easy connectivity to and from all of your devices. It also allows for wireless pairing to the rest of the new Bose family, like the Bass Module 700 and Surround Wireless Speakers.
  • Control the SB700 with voice commands, the Universal Remote (comes included), or the new Bose Music app. As intuitive and smart as any other on the market, you get full control over all of your music sources (whether Spotify, Amazon Music, Internet radio stations), plus control over every other speaker in the family.
  • You can read our full review of the SB700 here, or just hit the button below now to order now.

8. The Best Sound Bar for Hi-Res Audio

Bluesound Pulse Soundbar 2i

Bluesound Pulse Soundbar 2i

Brand & model: Bluesound Pulse Soundbar 2i with Bluetooth
Reg. Price: $799 - View Current Price
Dimensions: Sound bar: 42.25" (W) x 5.5" (H ) x  2.75" (D)
Colors: Black or White
Key features: Hi-res playback and MQA files • High End Bass • Built-in Airplay  • Works with Amazon Alexa • HDMI 2.1 with eARC support

Our Case

If you’re looking for a sound bar that can double as a sledge hammer, Bluesound’s got one. At 15 pounds, the Pulse Soundbar 2i is a brute – and that’s a good thing. (Like we always say, “bigger is better when it comes to all-things audio.”) Bottom line, wow. Close your eyes and you’ll think “no way that’s a sound bar.”

This is the first Sound Bar to support Hi-res playback and MQA files (Master Quality Authenticated). Under the hood, 120 watts of power drives two pairs of 3-way speaker arrays – soft-dome tweeter, cone mid-range, and cone woofer. (A wireless sub option, the Pulse Sub, is also available.) Each driver in the 2i is driven by its own dedicated amplified channel where the low and high frequencies are seamlessly blended using DSP-powered crossover filters. As a result, you get a sound stage that blends beautifully and spaciously. 

We’re also giving The Pulse Soundbar 2i an A+ for looks and an A+ for brains. Elegant and understated in spite of its brawn, This just may be the fullest-featured, all-things-streaming sound bar on the market. (See the full spec list right here.)

What else?

  •  The Pulse Soundbar 2i can stream the following High-resolution music  files: MQA, WAV, AIFF, and FLAC, with sampling rates up to 192kHz.  
  •  Wirelessly connect your soundbar to other Bluesound players in the house and enjoy your Hi-res music in any room in the house.

9. The Best Premium Sound Bar.

Sony HT-ST5000 Sound Bar 

Sony HTST5000 Sound Bar

Brand & modelSony HT-ST5000 Sound Bar
Reg. Price: $1,498 - View Current Price
Dimensions: Sound Bar: 46.46" (W) x 3.15" (H) x 5.71" (D) • Subwoofer: 9.76" (W) x 15.87" (H) x 16.77" (D)
Colors: Black
Key Features: High-Resolution Audio • Dolby Atmos • 3 HDMI Inputs • HDCP 2.2 • 7.1.2ch S-Force PRO Front Surround Technology • USB Port • S-Master HX Digital Amplifier • Digital Sound Enhancement Engine HX • Bluetooth • Wi-Fi

Our case

The HT-ST5000 is the 2nd most expensive sound bar on our list, and it represents Sony’s best. It also addresses the question, “just how close can we come to authentic 5.1.2 cinematic surround sound in a sound bar?” with a definitive “pretty damn close.”

To start, the HT-ST5000 comes with Dolby Atmos, which, as described above, doubles the surround sound experience by A) bouncing dedicated Atmos channels off the ceiling above, and then B) putting those sounds in specific areas in the air above. (Atmos = atmosphere.) The net effect is stunning. We only wish someone would re-master Hitchcock’s “The Birds” to include Dolby Atmos.

At almost 47 inches wide, the HT-ST5000 is a good mate for TVs 55-inches and larger. The bigger size allows room inside for nine drivers: three pairs of tweeters and woofers, plus the two Dolby Atmos units for beaming sound upwards. (Bigger is always better when it comes to audio.) The subwoofer included is huge compared to other sound bar / subwoofer combos, and it will definitely put a smile on your face. As for music, audiophiles will appreciate the HT-ST5000’s high dynamic range and high-resolution audio playback. Boston Pops, Bruno Mars, Rihanna — everything we listened to sounded fantastic.

In all, the HT-ST5000 is one big, very serious, very powerful sound machine that does movies and music equally well. And like everything else from Sony, it’s all very thoughtfully laid out.

What else?

  • Bluetooth streaming: yes. Higher quality wireless music streaming (with three times the data transmitted): yes, thanks to Sony’s LDAC technology. Game mode: yes.

  • The HT-ST5000 was our runner-up (by a hair) for “best premium sound bar,” just behind Yamaha’s YSP-5600 MusicCast sound bar. The only reason why it didn't make the cut: We didn’t see any way to add two rear speakers, in the event you want to expand the system for an even better surround sound experience.

  • The HT-ST5000’s remote isn’t overly complicated and the unit is easy to set up. You will definitely want to take your time with that, and carefully calibrate everything to your room and your tastes for the best sound. Just follow the instructions in the guide provided, and you'll be golden. Trust us, it's worth it.

#10. Best Soundbar With Google Assistant.

 LG SL9YG Sound Bar

LG SL9YG Sound Bar

Brand & model: LG SL9YG Dolby Atmos Sound Bar
Reg. Price: $996.99 - View Current Price
Dimensions: Sound Bar: 48.03" (W) x 2.2" (H) x 5.7" (D) • Subwoofer: 8.7" (W) x 15.4" (H) x 12.3" (D)
Colors: Black 
Key Features: High-Resolution Audio (24bit/96kHz) • HDMI 2.0 (HDCP 2.2) Output + Input • Wi-Fi • Bluetooth • Google Assistant • Optical Audio Input • USB • LG TV Sound Sync • Wireless Active Subwoofer

Our case

The SL9YG, one of three new LG sound bars and a 2019 CES Innovation Award winner, arrived with quite the resume. Inside, digital signal processing was provided by the hi-res audio pros at Britain’s own Meridian Audio, with support for Dolby Atmos (a good reason to get those 2 rear speakers) and DTS:X surround sound. So yeah – we’re talking very serious sound, especially for a sound bar.

The SL9YG is recommended for TVs 55-inches and up. It’s a 4.1.2 channel system with 4 channels inside the sound bar itself, another for the wireless subwoofer that comes included, and 2 wireless channels for rear speakers should you decide to add them. (If you do, you’ll need an LG receiver box to power them.)

Thanks to Meridian Audio tech onboard, and high-resolution audio built-in, the SL9YG neatly doubles as a quality stereo for streaming music. As for its principle job: big bombastic TV sound when called upon + excellent dynamics and spacious, pristine subtleties – the SL9YG is a very solid performer.

What else?

  • DTS:X places sound in the air where you’d expect them to be – an approaching storm, a starship hitting warp speed, Spiderman traversing the city. If you can do it, adding the two rear speakers really rounds out the total surround sound experience.

  • LG’s hardware is trickier than most. If you’re going for that professional, custom-built look, we’ve got a guy. (Actually, several guys: World Wide Stereo technicians and installers are known for their professional, custom-built, fit and finish… even in the toughest rooms.)

  • Google Assistant compatible and ready to stream from anywhere with Google Chromecast.

  • The brushed aluminum finish fits with almost every decor and is a nice departure from the glossy black seen everywhere these days.

#11. The Best Atmos Sound Bar.: Sennheiser AMBEO 3D Home Audio Sound Bar

Sennheiser AMBEO 3D Home Audio Sound Bar

Brand & model: Sennheiser AMBEO 3D Home Audio Sound Bar
Reg. Price: $2,499.99 - View Current Price
Dimensions: Including Feet: 49.8" (W) x 5.31" (H) x 6.73" (D) •  Without Feet: Sound Bar: 49.8" (W) x 4.92" (H) x 6.73" (D)
Colors: Black 

Key Features5.1.4 Channels • Dolby Atmos • Wi-Fi • 3x HDMI In (v.2.0a), 1x HDMI Out (v.2.1 eARC) • Bluetooth • 30Hz bass

Our case

Powered by 13 high-end drivers, the AMBEO Soundbar delivers a 5.1.4 sound experience while also producing extremely deep 30Hz bass without the need for an extra subwoofer. And thanks to advanced room calibration, it immerses you in studio-grade sound adapted to the specifics of your living room for an unforgettable 3D experience.

Still not sure? We got this.

Sound bars are tricky animals. So if you’re still not sure which is best for you and your room, give us a call or send us an email. Tell us about your room (dimensions would be very helpful), what kind of movies and TV shows you like, and your budget. We’d be more than happy to help you pick the ideal sound bar for you.

One more thing:

A last word of advice: buy your new sound bar from a trusted dealer. And the more experience and longer the track record, the better. A good dealer will take care of you in the event anything happens.

Speaking of trusted dealers...

World Wide Stereo is home to some 90+ industry-leading audio/video professionals who love what they do and talking about it, too. We opened our doors in 1979, gained a small yet die-hard following, won a slew of national awards for everything from killer car audio installations to customer service, grew the business online… and today we enjoy a faithful following of like-minded TV-watching, music-listening, gear-loving defenders of fun for the whole family. Our only rule: no one leaves unhappy. 

Plus, shopping with us means you get our guarantee, which includes perks like free shipping, 60-day returns, award-winning support, and service long after the sale — always. Hence our rule: "no one leaves unhappy."

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