The 6 Must-Have Headphones this Holiday Season

The 6 Must-Have Headphones this Holiday Season

Be the envy of Secret Santa this year. To help you narrow down the latest, coolest headphones of the season, we curated a selection of our top picks. From truly wireless earbuds to noise-cancelling headphones, you’ll find the perfect pair for everyone on your list (and maybe yourself, too.)

Bose SoundSport Free True Wireless In-Ear Headphones

No strings - or wires - attached, the SoundSport Free headphones are Bose’s entry into the truly wireless in-ears. The biggest callout? How freaking comfortable they are. The StarHear+ sport tips were designed to provide a fit that’s snug and secure, so they won’t fall out when achieving a new PR. Simply connect these in-ears to a smartphone via Bluetooth and enjoy up to 5 hours of playback - even when toughing it out in the rain. (Yes, the SoundSport Free are splashproof.) When your workout is over, simply place the headphones back into their charging case. And if you happen to misplace one, no need to fear — the Bose Connect app has your back so you can track ‘em down. 

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Bose QuietComfort 35 Headphones II

From commuter trains to red-eye flights, life is filled with noise. Don’t let your music fall prey. Bose offers its reliable quality with all new advancements in noise cancellation, making this the most effective ANC (Active Noise Cancellation) available — all at an extremely affordable price. The flat-fold, lightweight design make these a great gift for the frequent traveler on your list. With all those interruptions gone, your loved ones are left to feast on what they really want this holiday season (and every other season): music! 

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Bowers  Wilkins PX Wireless

Elegance. Refinement. Some other adjectives you’d expect from a Bentley commercial. Bowers and Wilkins has delivered more than 50 years of world-class audio, and now you can get it wirelessly.

Yes these noise-cancelling headphones sound just as great as you would expect from B&W, but here's what will really dazzle your loved ones: the built-in sensors. Depending on how you interact with the PX, they will perform a different action. Place the headphones on your head, and they’ll automatically turn on. Take them off, and they’ll go into standby. Place them around your neck, and your song will pause. Put them back on your ears, and let the music play on. 

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Etymotic ETY-Kids 5 Safe-Listening In-Ear Headphones

Kids love music and movies, but giving a more personal experience can be tough. With superb, detailed sound and a fit designed specifically for growing kids, you can ensure they get all the joy without damaging their ears. Etymotic built these headphones to deliver high-definition sound and eliminate background noise, so you can hear every audio detail without having to crank up the volume. 

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JBL Reflect Fit In-Ear Wireless Headphones with Heart-Rate Monitor

Don’t sweat it! The JBL Reflect Fit headphones design and sweat-proof materials make these in-ears your new workout buddy. Thanks to the collar design, you’ll get longer battery life and earbuds that don’t yank out of your ears every time you run. You can even keep a close eye on your workout routine with the Reflect's live heart-rate feedback. Stream pulse readings directly to your phone and get real-time updates through the headphones with a single touch. If someone calls during a run, the headphones will deliver vibration alerts. Choose to take the call hands-free if you don’t want to wait, or continue your workout.

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Klipsch Heritage HP-3 Over Ear Headphones

We’re obsessed with the look and feel of these Klipsch headphones — and we know they’ll impress the right person on your list.

Made with solid wood ear cups, sheepskin ear pads and a cowhide headband, the HP-3s were built for everyone to enjoy. On the inside, the 52mm biodynamic driver decreases distortion and expands the sound so it feels like you’re listening to a pair of speakers instead of headphones. The semi-open design allows the drivers to marry any ambient noise with your music, so you get a more realistic, natural sound. For even more power, pair these headphones with the Klipsch Heritage Headphone Amp.

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Tidal Music Streaming

If you're gifting a new pair of headphones, why not add some high-fidelity music to go with it? TIDAL is a music streaming subscription service, like Spotify and Apple Music. The difference? TIDAL offers hi-fi music files so listeners can enjoy better-than-CD-quality tunes, the way the artists intended. We use it all the time in our showrooms, and we know any die-hard music fan will love it too.

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Deck their ears with a pair of rockin' headphones.

There you have it —  our top headphones this holiday season. For more gift ideas for the music and movie buff in your life, check out the 2017 World Wide Stereo Holiday Gift Guide now.

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